Love and respect tips: 10 Tips on how to make your man feel great and super respected

Respect, in a relationship, is a big thing with men; love and respect to guys are almost interchangeable. Respect, of course, is essential both ways in a partnership, but the word means subtly different things to a man, than it does a woman. Showing your man respect, proves him that you love him, so read these ten important ways that you can make your man feel great by showing him your respect:

1. Give him the space to be a man

Respecting the fact that men are different is a good place to start. Don’t think that you train him out of all his masculine habits, or he will become restless and resentful and he might just start to spend more time away from home, in places where he can be a man.

2. Always respect his opinions

Allow him his opinions, even when he’s wrong! You can respect his opinions, even when you don’t agree with them, so make sure that your man knows this and that you don’t seem to be just saying that he’s wrong all the time.

3. Give him a break when he gets home

Men need some ‘wind down’ time when they get in from work. Give him an hour to relax when he gets in, before you hit him with all the problems of the day. He will be much better at dealing with issues, once he’s had some time to relax, and there will be much lower chance that a discussion will turn into a fight.

4. Stand up for him, with your family

The last thing a good man will do is have a confrontation with a member of your family. Repay him for this consideration by sticking up for him, if a member of your family does disrespect him. It shows your man that you are 100% behind him.

5. Give him space, if he’s in a bad mood

When men are in a bad mood, it’s normally best to leave them alone. They like to retreat into their ‘man cave’, so give him some space and he will get over it quicker. He will appreciate that you have been considerate enough to leave him alone for a while, so that he can digest and solve his problems and issues.

6. Give him advice, but don’t nag him

A gentle bit of advice or direction is fine, but constantly nagging him will drive him mad. Men hate being nagged and, if it’s constant, they will just become deaf to it after a while, so they won’t even listen to the valid points that you have to make.

7. Tell him that you are proud of him, give him your praise and appreciation 

Remember, everything that he does, he does it for you. Whether it’s a promotion at work, a sporting achievement or finally finishing the decorating of the bathroom, praise and appreciation from you will be worth 100 times that of praise from anyone else.

8. Seek his advice

Go to him with your problems and not to your friends or family. He wants to be able to help you, so give him the chance. He may not know the answer to everything, but he will be hurt, if you struggle on your own without even mentioning your problems to him.

9. Set your goals together

Everyone needs some independence, but ultimately a good relationship is where two people work together to achieve common goals. Include him in your own goals and ambitions and then, you can work together to achieve them; and he will over the moon that he could help.

10. Don’t bring up problems in public or in front of other people

Domestic problems should be kept at home, so don’t bring them up while you are out. Denting his pride by discussing problems in public, will make him feel embarrassed and he will see it as a sign of disrespect.

How to make your man feel great and super respected? Do you have some other tips? Feel free to share your relationship advice for women in the comment secetion below.

Stay happy!


  1. M
    July 5, 2014 at 7:18 pm

    Good tips!

  2. Jen
    July 2, 2014 at 5:51 am

    Love it! Amazing tips! Will test them on my man LOL 🙂

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