10 Tips on how to make him love you more

Do you worry that you and your boyfriend are gradually moving further apart?  Or perhaps he just doesn’t seem as interested in you, as he used to be? When the fire doesn’t burn, quite as strongly, as it used to, it’s probably time you put a bit of effort into the relationship. You can’t force somebody to love you, but you can give love a helping hand, so read these ten ways that you make your man love you more:

1. Show some spontaneous affection

Our first tip on how to make him love you more is to show some spontaneous affection. When was the last time you bought him a gift or gave him a loving peck on the cheek? Get yourself out of the rut and do something unexpected to show your love, he might just need reminding that you do still love him.

2. Try some flirting

Remember how you used to flirt to get his attention? Flirting is fun, even when you are in a relationship, so our next tip on how to make him love you more is bring the fun back into your life and show him that you still find him attractive with a little bit of suggestive flirting.

3. Pay attention to his problems

Make an effort to listen to his problems and offer advice or help where you can. He will love you all the more, if you are the one he knows will listen to his problems. You won’t be able to solve everything, but at least you try, and that will mean a lot to him.

4. Arrange some dates

Another good suggestion on how to make him love you more is get back into the dating habits again and book a table for a meal or catch a movie. Going out together and enjoying some quality time helps couples to bond. Try and chose some dates that he will love too, don’t make them just for you.

5. Cook his favourite foods

Who cannot fall in love with someone who always puts their favourite foods on the table at mealtimes? Cooking his favourites for him shows that you care and the effort that you put into it will make him love you all the more.

6. Go on a romantic break

Next tip on how to make him love you more is this: get away from work and all the stress of everyday life and book a romantic break away for two. Sometimes, you can get so wrapped in the mundane, everyday tasks that you forget to make time for each other, so make that time happen and go away for a weekend in the country, somewhere where you won’t be disturbed.

7. Give him a hug

If he’s feeling down, then give him a big hug and whisper, ‘I love you’, in his ear, this is another easy tip on how to make him love you more. Let him know that you care and bring some light into his day, and he will love and appreciate you for it. That’s the kind of reassuring love that men really do value.

8. Don’t forget the little gestures

Remind him that you are there for him and that you are willing to help. If he’s doing something really boring, that has to be done, then perhaps he’d appreciate a bit of company, or just bring him a drink, when he’s working. Being supportive and helping where you can, will always help to bring you closer together.

9. Ask for his help

Men love to feel needed, so another tip on how to make him love you more is to ask for his help, when you need it. Whether it’s carrying something, opening a jar or some advice about a problem at work, don’t struggle on your own with it, get his help. He will feel more wanted, if you do.

10. Smile and have fun

Be happy when you are together and don’t just talk about all the dull and boring things. Make time for some fun as well and make the effort to enjoy life together. Laughter if often the best medicine and laughter together is even better.

How to make him love you more? Do you have some other tips?

Stay beautiful and happy!

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  1. Rita Mellory
    August 16, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Love the tips!

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