10 Tips on how to increase emotional closeness with your partner

Emotional closeness to someone, or intimacy, is something that everyone needs in life. We all need a soul mate in whom we can confide and trust and who will always be there for us. Sometimes, though, becoming that close to someone can be a scary thought, because it does also leave us more open to being hurt. At some point in time, you will have to open up to your partner and allow yourself to become closer. If that time is here for you now, then read these ten tips on how to increase your emotional intimacy with your partner:

1. Let go of your past

Don’t let past pain stop you getting close to your partner now. Open your mind to the idea of bonding closely with your partner and believe in your own strengths. This time it could be right, so don’t pass up the opportunity.

2. Learn to express yourself

Let your true emotions come out into the open, and don’t try and hide things from your partner. Communicate your feelings honestly with your partner and be prepared to listen to him in return.

3. Go to bed and get up together

There are practical things that you can do to increase your closeness to your partner and one of those is going to bed and getting up at the same time. It’s a simple thing to do, but it gives the chance to talk, every day, and without it, you can easily find yourselves barley talking to to one another during the week.

4. Look for the best in each other

Look beyond the arguments and the mildly irritating habits and focus on the good things, that you like about each other. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but the quicker those mistakes are forgotten, the sooner you can get back to work on being close again.

5. Go on a date with your partner, once a week

Go out together, at least, once a week and make sure that you put aside some time for just the pair of you. Dating is not a thing that should be dropped, just because you have been together a long time; it gives you the chance to spend some quality time together and to enjoy new things.

6. Touching is important

Physical contact with your partner enforces the close bond between you. Caressing, stroking, kissing and massaging all produce a chemical inside you called oxytocin, which is the chemical that makes human beings bond to one another.

7. Don’t let fights linger

Work together to resolve fights and don’t let them linger on and on. When a fight gets out of control and you don’t forgive each other, then you can start to grow apart and, the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.

8. Spend more time together

Sounds a bit too obvious, but the more time that spend in each others company, the closer you will become. Simply being around each other will increase your closeness, so try and do more things together, whenever you can.

9. Be one hundred percent honest

There is no room for lies and mistrust in a close relationship. You need to be 100% honest with each other and share your fears, as well as your ambitions, so work together to resolve any issues and always tell the truth, even if it may sometimes hurt.

10. Be more spontaneous

Surprise each other once in a while. When you show unexpected signs of kindness and love that stops things from getting boring, so plan a surprise weekend away, or buy him a small gift. Little touches like this go along way and they make sure you that you both know how much you are appreciated.

How to increase emotional closeness with your partner?

Stay happy!

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