10 Tips on how to get over a long term relationship

When a long term relationship comes to an end, for whatever reason, the feeling of loss can be immense. Researchers have found that people who have recently split from a long term lover, exhibit very similar signs of brain activity to those suffering from an addiction, so it should be no surprise that it takes a while to get over. You must pull through it though, so here are ten tips on how to get over a long term relationship.

1. Accept it

Most people feel a sense of denial when a long term relationship comes to an end. They go through the thoughts of ‘it can’t be’ or ‘it’s not possible’. However painful it may be, the first step to recovering from the emotional turmoil is to accept that what has happened, has happened. Don’t hang to thoughts that you may get back together again, because that will simply make the pain last for even longer.

2. Don’t fight the pain substances

Another tip on how to get over a long term relationship is to make an effort not to resort to trying to mask the pain with things like alcohol, or even binding on chocolate. It may seem like a release from the bad feelings, but it won’t change a thing, and it could lead to your feeling even worse about yourself.

3. Try and get plenty of sleep

You might not feel like sleeping, but you’ve still got to look after yourself. Sleep gives your mind and your body time to recover and recharge, and you will be better able to deal with the heartbreak, if you are not tired all the time.

4. Don’t dwell on the past

Don’t sit at home looking at old photos or checking out his Facebook page. You need to start to take the steps to move away from the relationship. You will never forget him and, eventually, you will remember the relationship fondly. The best thing to do at the moment, though, is to try and focus your mind on other things.

5. Don’t forget to be grateful

Next tip on how to get over a long term relationship is to remind yourself of all the other things in your life that you can be grateful for. Your friends, your family and your health are all things that you still have. Make a list of these things and you’ll find it will not only take your mind off your grieving, but it will also help to show you that you are more than just one half of a relationship.

6. Get out with friends

Phone up some friends and go out for the night. The very worst thing you can do is sit at home on your own with nothing but your memories for company. Your friends will understand what you are going through and they will be able to help. That’s what friends are for.

7. Remove the memories

Our next tip on how to get over a long term relationship is to remove all the memories. You really need to put away the old photos and the keepsakes of the relationship. It can be very therapeutic to have a good clean of home from top to bottom, putting away the memories of the past as you go. It will help you feel like you are making a fresh start, and that’s where you need to be right now.

8. Get active

A good workout will always make you feel better. Exercise makes the body release endorphins into the bloodstream that will lighten your mood and make things seem not so bad. Besides, you can also take out your frustration on some of the equipment in a gym, that always feels good!

 9. Don’t dive straight back into dating

Your ex will be on your mind for a while to come yet, so going straight out to find a new partner is really not a great idea. Take a break form dating and enjoy being single, dating on the rebound rarely works out and it’s not really fair on the other person.

10. Start looking to the future

Our final tip on how to get over a long term relationship is, when you feel ready, to try thinking more about the future, than the past. You now have the chance to start a new chapter in your life, so you can plan to do things differently, if you like. What would you like to do? Where would you like to go? Now, you can take these decisions without having to worry about what someone else thinks.

How to get over a long term relationship? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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  1. VanCity Life Coach
    November 2, 2017 at 6:07 am

    Lovely post about how to handle long term relationship. Thanks for sharing it.

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