10 Tips For The Best Vacation With Your Boyfriend

Heading away with your boyfriend? But how do you make sure it doesn’t turn into a trip from hell that’s filled with video game contest in bars, bad karaoke and him wearing socks with his sandals? Beauty and Tips have got you covered with our top 10 tips for the best vacation with your boyfriend.

When were you five-years-old, vacations with your parents were amazing. Aged ten, they were still good. But once you hit your teens, your dad became The Embarrassing Dad and your mom wouldn’t let you see that cute boy from the pool after eight PM. You just wanted to grow older already and go away with your Prince Charming!

Now that you’re older and have a boyfriend, the parents are out and you want to have the most amazing time with your man. Only, you probably have reservations about it all. What if it’s a disaster? What if you end up hating him? What if you wanna seen the ancient ruins and he just wants to chill by the pool again? Let’s take a look at our top 10 tips for the best vacation with your boyfriend.

Take A Short Break

Especially if this is the first time you guys have been away together before, you should probably go away for just a few days. This gives you both a chance to test the waters to see if you actually could survive without killing each other on a longer vacation. It’s just common sense. A short but sweet trip (we recommend five days) gives you both the chance to enjoy yourselves, but it’s short enough so that you don’t get bored or annoyed. See it as a test before The Big One comes later. Not to be negative, but the last thing you want is to be counting down the days until your two-week vacation comes to an end because, after six days, you already hate him for ironing a hole into your fav dress.

Take A Board Game

There will be some downtime on vacation that you need to fill. So, Bananagrams anyone?

Don’t Leave The Essential Stuff Until The Last Minute

You really don’t want to be shouting at each other before the vacation has even started because one of you was late to set off to the airport.

“I KNEW you’d make us late! Always stressing me out!”

It’s not a good start to the vacation! But it can easily be avoided by you guys being organised and sorting all the essentials out as soon as possible. Book a cab so that you arrive at the airport at a decent time. Pack your luggage a few days in advance. Sort the currency out a few days in advance, too. Be smart about all this. Leaving things until the last minute can create unnecessary tension.

Be Romantic On The Plane

If you’re high above the clouds in a world of your own while he’s engrossed in some action flick, you’re hardly setting the right tone for your vacation. Get into a romantic mood on the plane. Snuggle up to him. Kiss him. Cuddle. Watch a film together. Share a blanket. Order champagne. The vacation has already started.

Don’t Expect Too Much

“I’m going on vacation and you’re telling me to not expect too much? MAYBE I SHOULD JUST STAY AT HOME.”

The thing with going away with our boyfriend is that, if we expect every single day to be totally amazing, we might be in for a few disappointments. Not every day will be exactly as you want it to be. There will be stress, there might be – gulps – rain, and he might snore all night. Managing your expectations is just common sense. Expect to have a good time, but expect there to be a few – shall we say – frustrating moments.

Be Prepared For Anything

This vacation will show you your boyfriend as you’ve never seen him before: Sunburnt, cranky, sick, always hungover, moody, obnoxious … et cetera! Vacations bring out the best and the worst in us, so be prepared for anything. Especially if he gets stung by a bug after just an hour and threatens to go home because “that wouldn’t happen at home!”


Spending on any vacation can easily get out of control (just ask your dad when you were 13). Just two hours into our vacation, we’ve already ran out of cash and have whipped out the credit card.

If you’re in the kind of relationship where you still have separate bank accounts and haven’t really discussed who pays for what, you will need to do some budgeting before you go away. Be sensible and fair about your finances. Maybe you’ll pay for food one day and he’ll pay the next. Or maybe he’ll take care of all the food and drink, while you pay for trips. However you divide things, talk about it beforehand.

Give Each Other Some Space

If you were going to be at home for the next week, you probably wouldn’t spend every waking hour with your partner. So why should things be different just because you’re on vacation?

Naturally, you’re going to spend a lot of time with your BF on vacation. But it’s so important that you give each other some alone time. He wants to nap alone to sleep off a hangover? Let him. You want to drag him to the mall this morning to buy something for your mom? Go alone if he hates crowds and shopping. There will be things you each want to do alone. Don’t be afraid to do them.

Laugh When Disaster Strikes

Something will probably go wrong. Maybe you’ll forget some luggage, maybe some luggage will get lost (probably his underwear), or maybe it just rains all the time. Best way to deal with setbacks on vacation? Laugh! Or you’ll cry. And argue.

Head Off The Beaten Track

Want to make this vacation extra-extra special? Head to places that are off the beaten track. Don’t stick to the tourist traps. Get lost in the city, find hidden gems, go exploring. Hey, take a train ride to another town! It will feel awesome to get away from all the tourists.

Stay happy!

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