10 Tips For Spending Quality Time As A Couple

You live with your partner … but are you spending quality time with him?

There is a big difference between being in the same room as your partner and actually spending time with him. You might be both sat at the dinner table together. But if he’s wolfing his down while keeping one eye on the television and you’re playing with your phone, you aren’t spending time with each other. You’re together without really being together and enjoying the moment.

Yes, couples are busier than ever in 2017. Both partners tend to work and have careers of their own. Maybe you both have your own very active social lives, too. But it’s always possible to make time for your partner.

Spending quality time together as a couple is important if a relationship is to last the distance. Often, it’s just a case of having better time management, taking care of the small things – and investing a bit more creativity in your relationship. If you feel as though the two of you are missing out on valuable moments, here are 10 tips that will help you to spend more time together.

Go On Your First Date Again

Remember your first date with your partner? You sure managed to put some time aside for them back then! In fact, you probably said No to everyone else because you for sure weren’t going to let him down.

Do it again. Set aside a date in your calendars and recreate the magic of the first date the two of you enjoyed together. Book the table at the same restaurant again, visit the same bar.

This might sound trite but it really isn’t. It reminds you how much you really like each other, as well as the important of going out on dates.

Say No To Your Boss

Your boss has asked you to work late again. The money is good and you know that you and your partner could really benefit from the extra cash.

But instead of saying Yes all the time, say No sometimes. Forget the money. Spending quality time with your partner is more important right now, and working longer hours is keeping you away from him.

Use Your Skills

If you’re a bit of an amateur artist, why not draw or paint your partner? If you can play music, why not play some to your partner? If you like to take photos, why not take your partner out for a photo shoot?

If you have any kind of talent, involving your partner in it is a great way to spend more time together. You just need to be a bit creative. And you DON’T have to be the world’s greatest artist.

Have A Night In

How much do you spend together in the house each night? Maybe you live together. If so, the chances are that each night has become routine. You both return home from work (one of you is probably often much later than the other), change into your pyjamas, warm up a meal, plonk yourselves in front of the TV and then go to bed.

And repeat. Not exactly exciting!

When we say that you should have a night in, we mean a proper night in – a fancy night in, complete with candles, movies, wine and fantastic food.

Dress up. Wear perfume. Take a long bath beforehand. Make the effort.

Do Chores Together

Normally, the division of labour means he’s doing one thing and you’re doing another thing, right?

And we know what guys are like. While you finish your chores in the morning, he begins his at midnight.

So that you get to spend more quality time together, why not do the household chores together at the same time?

Head Out On A Weekend Getaway

You know that spontaneous weekend getaway you’ve always wanted to go on with your partner but never dared because it always seemed too expensive? Now is the time to go for it.

Weekend getaways are so romantic, and they’re a great way for couples to spend some actual quality time together. It’s just you, your partner and nobody else.

A change of scenery is often just the thing we need to kickstart a romance. Head out to a retreat and just enjoy the moment together.

Play Video Games Together

Some girls play video games, but generally most guys play video games. If your guy is always killing zombies on his games console and you’re feeling as though it’s eating up valuable time that you guys could be spending together, why not ask him if you could get involved?

To make things more fun, pick an old-school game that you remember playing with your brother when you were kids.

Involve Them In Your Passion

If you’ve got a passion that takes up a fair bit of your time, why not ask your partner if they’d like to get involved? The chances are they’ve just been waiting for you to ask.

Go To The Gym Together

If one of you goes to the gym, it could be a good idea to ask the other to come along. Why? Because many of us go to the gym at least three times a week. That’s three times each week that you could be seeing your partner!

Naturally, hitting the treadmill isn’t exactly romantic. It certainly wasn’t in Romeo and Juliet. But how about playing a game of tennis or squash together?

Exercise is always good. It means you’re both getting fit and healthy while spending quality time as a couple.

Read Them A Bedtime Story

What do you usually do before bed? Maybe you jump in the shower, he jumps in the shower, you both get under the sheets, say “good night” and then fall asleep? Sounds standard. But what’s romantic about being standard all the time?

A great way to spend some quality time as a couple before bed is to read a bedtime story to each other. It can be any story you want, but a love story is always a winner.

So put your phones down and tell them a story that will improve intimacy before you both fall asleep.

Stay happy!

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