10 Tips For Couples On How To Spend More Quality Time Together

Life is short, and sometimes it can seem as though it’s passing us by like a fast train. If you feel as though you and your partner just aren’t spending as much quality time together as you’d like, there are 10 ways you can use your time better to strengthen your bonds.

Spending time with your partner is important. But there is a difference between time and quality time.

How often do you find yourselves saying to each other, “We don’t spend enough time together these days”?

You aren’t referring to the time you spend lying next to each other asleep at night, or the time you spend eating dinner while flicking through your phones. You’re referring to quality time – shared moments such as dining out at a restaurant, staring into each others eyes as you ask intimate questions, going for long walks in the early evening, or going on a weekend getaway.

In 2017, both men and women are busier than ever. While this is good for our careers and finances, our relationships can take a hit. It’s important that you strike the right balance between your work life and your personal life. Fortunately, there are always ways to find room in your respective calendars to spend some quality time with your partner. Here are 10 of our best tips:

Go On Your First Date Again

Every couple remembers their first date. It was special. You probably even remember what you wore, and you definitely remember how you felt before you set out to meet your partner. You were anxious but excited – unbelievably so. There were butterflies in your stomach; you were giddy but nervous.

Going on that first date is an incredible feeling, especially when you sense that this guy is the One. Unfortunately, you may not have had those butterflies too much since. This is why recreating that first date is so special; it reminds you of how your relationship was before you fell into a routine, and it reminds you how it’s possible to still feel that tinge of excitement you felt when you first met him.

Have Breakfast Together

Breakfast is usually the time we’re running around crazily and don’t give our partner much attention. So get up early and actually spend some quality time together before you guys head off to work.

Skip The Chores

“I can’t!” you exclaim to him after he’s asked you to go out with him. “I’ve got all the ironing to do.”

Chores need to be done. But you’re telling me that you can’t put them off now and then?

Don’t be so strict about your chores. Lighten up and skip them this time. And when you do come to do them, split them between you both so the burden isn’t too bad.

Try A New Sport

Maybe he’s got his number one sport that he’s been absorbed in since you guys first met. That’s cool. It will always be his first love.

But maybe you’ve felt a little bit left out? His sport is one of his biggest passions, but it’s a bit of an exclusive club. He goes to the games with the lads and doesn’t really involve you.

What’s more, you’re not sure if you even want to be involve. It doesn’t seem like it’s for you.

But if you both like sports in general, why don’t you pick a new one together that you can both participate in from scratch? Pick a team – or better still, go and actually play it together!

Plan A Big Date Once A Month

Naturally, you can’t go out on a big date all the time. You just don’t have the time, and that’s part of the problem. But how about planning a big date once a month? Do you think that’s possible?

If so, get planning. Agree on something to do together. Give you guys something to look forward to.

Use Your Gifts

As I was doing some research for this article, I quite accentually stumbled upon a cute article in a Sunday supplement. It was about a female artist whose muse is her husband. She paints a new picture of him every single week, not just because she’s devoted to him but also because she wants to capture the unique growth of their relationship.

I thought it was an amazing thing to do. Bu you know what else I took from the article? That couple had found a great way of harnessing her gifts in such a way that they got to spend more quality time together.

Think of any gifts you have and how you can use them in such a way that you both get to enjoy them at the same time. If you’re a photographer, take him out on a shoot. Think outside the box. Involve him in your passions.


If your partner is like many guys, he won’t have one sports team who he’s a massive fan of – he’ll have three or four.

And maybe there are a handful of video games he’s obsessed with at the moment, while you’re really into a few TV shows.

Streamline. Cut down your interests. Get him to fanatically support just one team, while you narrow down your attention to one or two things, too.

Go On A Getaway

If you can afford it but have always been putting it off because “money” go on a getaway. Stop making excuses. You can buy yourselves a new boiler some other time. Use a bit of your savings and get away this weekend. Do it.

Why? Because getaways are a fab way of spending more quality time together as a couple. It’s just you, a lodge (or a hotel room or a tent), and a change of scenery.

And there really is nothing quite like a change of scenery for injection some much-needed romance into a relationship.


Send Cute Texts

Never forget the power or texting when you’re away. It reminds them that you’re thinking of them.

Read Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are not just for kids and you know it. They’re also for you and your partner, and they’re a fantastic way of bonding and spending some special time together before bed.

You can either each write your own nighttime stories (it’s not that hard, though knowing guys they will no doubt include a zombie), or check out the romance section on Kindle. Then, light your bedroom dimly, snuggle up in bed and read.


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