10 Tips For Couples For The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day is once more just around the corner, and Cupid has aimed his arrow at you and your partner. He’s stretching his bow and is ready to fire. But while love will most definitely be in the air this year, do you know what the two of you will be doing on February 14th?

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, so you have to do something. But perhaps you’ve ran out of ideas. Maybe you’re tired of doing the same things year after year. Maybe this year, you want to do something a bit more special. We can help.

The Beauty and Tips team have been there. We’ve had our fair share of Valentine’s Day mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions and NBA games (yes, exactly!!).

Sometimes, your partner just doesn’t know how to take the lead and make the day romantic. This year, the onus might be on YOU to come up with something special and unique.

If you’re struggling for ideas, here are 10 tips for couples for the most romantic valentine’s day ever.

Head Out Into The Snow

The magic of Valentine’s Day is that, for some countries in the world, it falls during the winter time. And this can only mean one thing: Snow!!

If it happens to be snowing where you are this year (it’s not guaranteed, but you never know!), a magical way of spending Valentine’s Day is by getting out into the snow with your partner.

You can build snowmen together, have a snowball fight, and basically channel your inner child.

You could also go sledding and dodge snowball attacks from the local kids! Let him be your hero in the snow, before the two of you head indoors for some wine and soup. Yummy!

Have A Picnic

If, however, you live in an area of the world that is much warmer at this time of the year (such as Australia), what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than having a picnic together?

Get out into the sunshine and take a picnic basket with you. All you need are some sandwiches, some cake, some juice, some crisps and dips, fruit – and each other.

To make it more fun, why not take along a frisbee with you?

Go To A Game

Okay, yes, we ridiculed the time one of us went to see an NBA game for Valentine’s Day. But everyone is different, and maybe you like sports.

Or maybe your boyfriend loves sports and you want to show him what a excellent, thoughtful girlfriend you are.

Either way, going to see a key game can be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day if either or both of you dig sports.

Sports games are a great way of spending time together. You can get really passionate about something together, and if you win you might also score in the bedroom later on …

(Sports always put guys in the mood when their team wins!!)

Go On A Mini Break

Because why not?! If you can afford it, there is literally no excuse for not heading away on a romanic break this February.

You could head to a remote log cabin for some romantic winter fun, or explore a new city together.

Hey, it’s much better than spending the day in the same town right? Go and try somewhere new and different!

Go To A Hotel

If you can’t afford a mini break, there is always the option of a hotel.

What’s the point of staying at home, where you have to do the cooking and cleaning yourself when you could spend the day and night at a hotel?

Checking in at a hotel in the city (or anywhere you fancy) is a romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. You’ve got room service, a bar, food, a double bed, as well as the city itself to explore.

If you’ve got the money, treat yourselves to a wonderful night away from home. A change of scenery always makes things interesting and injects a bit of romance into a relationship.

Spend The Day On A Train

Long train rides can be incredibly romantic when you go somewhere picturesque. Eat dinner on the train, drink wine and just chat.

Go Camping

Spending the night in a tent in the woodlands is a brilliant way of creating a fantastic memory that the two of you will never forget. It’s just you, your partner and a few items somewhere remote, free from distractions and other people.

Just picture it: It’s close to midnight and you’re huddled up warm together beneath a star-studded sky. Owls are cooing in the background, food is roasting on a crackling open fire, and you’re whispering sweet nothings in each others’ ear. Is there really a more romantic way of spending Valentine’s Day together? We can’t think of one!

Plan A Surprise

Everyone loves a surprise, and we love them even more on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your partner this year with something extra special. Keep it tight-lipped until the last moment!

Have Breakfast In Bed

People are fixated with the idea that they have to leave the house for Valentine’s Day. They have to book tables in a busy restaurant.

But do we really have to leave the house? Why can’t we just spend the day in bed??

Of course you can! And why wouldn’t you? Treating yourselves to breakfast in bed is a great way of kick starting the most romantic day of the year. One of you can prepare the food, the other prepares the coffee before you both hop back under the covers for some eating and smooching.


Watch Romantic Movies Together

And if you really don’t want to leave the house this year and are moreover operating on a budget, why not spend the evening cuddled up together on the sofa watching romantic movies?

Pick a few films – The Holiday, The Notebook and Sleepless In Seattle are good ones – order a takeaway, buy a bottle or two of wine before hauling a duvet over the two of year and settling down for a night in front of the TV. Perfection.

Stay happy!

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