10 Things your first relationship can teach you

Everyone remembers their first love, because it’s the first time in your life that you ever experience the joy of being in love, and the hurt and sadness of a relationship coming to an end. It’s also the first time that we learn that the love can be complicated and that not all love is as unconditional, as the love of your parents is. However well you remember your first relationship, you no doubt learned a lot from your first real kiss and your first heartbreak. Here are ten of the lessons that your first relationship can teach you.

1. Relationships are hard work

Up until the first time that you experience it for real, you probably think that relationships are easy. You meet someone, you fall in love and it all goes along smoothly from there. You soon learn from your first relationship, though, that things aren’t quite that straightforward. You learn that a relationship needs effort and compromises on both sides, if it is to really work.

2. You discover new things that can be fun

Your first boyfriend will also be your first introduction to new types of music and new interests. Up until then, it’s only been the things that your friends like that have interested you, but now, you have to share his hobbies and interests too. You discover that there really is music out there that isn’t made by boy bands and some of it is even pretty good too!

3. You see yourself in a different light

Your first love is also the first person that has really loved you, just because of who you are. All those things that you thought were wrong with your body and your personality will seem far less important, now that you have found someone that likes them. You will discover too, that you really are attractive, after all.

4. You learn not to be selfish

You find out from your first relationship that sharing and being selfless is an essential part of getting along with other people. It teaches you the importance of sharing your time and your possessions and, it is likely to be the first time that you learn that you need to make compromises as well.

5. You learn what is meant by “The Honeymoon phase”

You also learn that the wonderful feeling that you get when you first fall in love doesn’t last forever. You start to realise that, perhaps, love isn’t quite all it’s made out to be, and there can be boring moments too. That’s when you first learn about commitment and making an effort to make love work. It’s a lesson that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

6. You learn how to fight fair

Your first relationship also teaches you the importance of fighting fair. When you have your very first fight you learn that, insults hurled in anger, are regretted later, and you find out just how hurtful words can be. Your fist fight also teaches you the importance of forgiveness, and it is your first taste of kissing and making up too.

7. You learn that you can’t force someone to love you

Your first relationship is also the first time that you will experience the pain of a breakup, and that teaches you a lot too. It teaches you that, no matter how much you may love a person, you can’t make them love you back if they don’t feel the same way about you.

8. It teaches you that you are stronger than you thought

Your first break up makes you think that you will never love again and the world has come to an end. Then, you surprise yourself, though, and find a strength that you never knew you had. In fact, the first few relationships of your life are what will prepare you for all kinds of relationships in the future and they give you the first taste of what other people can really be like.

9. You learn the importance of respect and trust

You find out from your first relationship just how important trust and respect are. This is the first time in your life that someone who you care about will just walk away, if you break their trust or disrespect them. You also begin to learn that you can’t take people for granted.

10. You also learn that you can’t trust everyone

Your fist love can also be the first time that someone really lets you down. That’s a painful lesson that your first relationship can teach you, but sadly, one that you may well be glad you learned early on.

What other lessons your first relationship can teach you?

Stay happy!

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