10 Things you should look for in the person you’ll fall in love with

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a human being. It makes you wonder how you ever managed, before you met the person you love, but what it is that really makes one person love another, no one really knows. You can’t always help who you fall in love with, but here are ten things you should look for in the person you’ll fall in love with, if you get the chance.

1. Someone who is affectionate

Not everyone has it in them to show their love, and that can be really frustrating for their partner. The best people to fall in love with are those who are not afraid to express their feelings and will be there with a hug, when you really need one.

2. Someone who is 100% honest

There should be no secrets in a relationship and you should never have to doubt your partner’s words. Falling in love means that you share everything, so the ideal person to fall in love with is both honest and able to communicate openly with you.

3. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself

When the person who you fall in love with is a person who can lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself, then you probably have a perfect match. They should encourage you in your endeavours, congratulate you on your successes and they should never, ever, put you down.

4. Someone you are proud to be with

Being proud of your partner is also a sign of a good relationship. You should want your friends meet your partner and you should feel a need to tell everyone else how great he is. In fact, you should be his number one fan, and he should feel the same about you.

5. Someone who loves you for who you are

When you are truly in love, then you love everything about a person. You love their laugh, you love their looks and you love their flaws. The very best type of person to fall in love with is a person that wouldn’t have you any other way than you are.

6. Someone who picks you up, when you feel down

That very special person in your life should be a person who knows how to pick you up, when you are feeling gloomy. They will know the right words to say, when it seems that the world is against you, and they will be able to put you back on the right path again.

7. Someone who will listen, when you want to talk

The person who you fall in love with should also be able to listen as well, as they can talk. What’s more, when they listen, they listen properly and hear what you have to say, and that’s because they care about what you are thinking and they want to help, whenever they can.

8. Someone who will not hurt you

That special person who you can really love will be someone who would never hurt you. They may make mistakes, but they will be honest about it when they do and they will do everything that they can to make amends for those mistakes.

9. Someone you feel safe with

You will know that you have someone to love, when you always feel safe when they are around. You are confident that, not only would they never hurt you, but also that they would never allow you to come to harm.

10. Someone who loves you back

Love has to be more than infatuation or just a physical attraction. When you fall in love, you want that to be with a person who loves you back. It’s when you have all these things in a person, that you’ll know you have found ‘the one’.

Stay happy!

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