10 Things you should definitely do after a breakup

Breakups are never a pleasant experience, but you can ease the pain by doing the right things. The worse thing that you can do is sit at home and dwell on the past, so check out these ten things that should do after a breakup, to help you get over it and start again.

1. Stick to the no contact rule

Sticking to the no contact rules is defiantly something you should do after a breakup. There is every chance that you will be tempted to contact your ex and talk, but avoid doing so, at all costs. If you don’t, you will make the pain last longer and, once you’ve done it one time, you will find excuses to do it again.

2. Don’t make yourself feel worse

You’re going to feel sad but you don’t need to make that any worse. You can make the decision not to dwell in matters by not playing all the sad songs you can find, watching all the sad movies you can think of and definitely not leafing through the old photo albums.

3. Work out

Go to the gym and work off some of that anger and frustration. You’ll feel so much better for taking it out to some gym equipment and it’s good for your health too!

4. Take some time off from dating

It’s usually not a great idea to go out dating straight after a breakup. Give yourself a break from love and enjoy some time on your own. You will know when you are ready to date again and when you are not just doing it for revenge.

5. Change your routine

Definitely do not go to all the same places you used to go with your ex. Go out of your way to do things differently and change your routine, because you really don’t want all those constant reminders to bring you down.

6. Go out with friends

Get together with friends and have some fun. They will help to take your mind off things and they will also understand how you feel. Talking can be very therapeutic, but don’t talk about your ex all night or your friends will get bored!

7. Get on with your own life

You managed just fine before your ex, and you will manage just great now too. Stop crying about it and look forward to the future, it’s now filled with new possibilities that weren’t there a few days ago.

8. Invite the family to stay

Inviting your family around can really help you get back on your feet. It will remind you that there are other people who care about you and it will help make your home feel your own again.

9. Pack up the past

When you are ready, put away the keepsakes, photos and other memories. This can be a painful process but you’ll be glad that you did and it will let you move on more quickly, so put it all away, out of sight.

10. Take it one day at a time

Don’t be ashamed of a few tears; crying is a perfectly natural reaction to a breakup. Try and take it just one day at time, to start with, and you will find that each day it will become a little easier to get through.  Time does heal, so give it a chance and you’ll soon be bouncing back.

Do you have some other tips on how to cope with a break up?

Stay happy!

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