10 Things You Say That Your Partner Doesn’t Like To Hear

We all like to whisper sweet nothings to our partner and say the things that make them happy. But did you know there are also things you could be saying that he does’t want to hear? In this article, Beauty and Tips finds out the things you say that rub him up the wrong way.

Being honest and speaking your mind is fine – to a certain extent. To make sure any relationship succeeds – whether it’s your relationship with your boyfriend or your relationship with your partner – there are some things that are better left unsaid. You might think it’s a good idea at the time to tell your boss that you saw his ex-wife today with another man, but that kind of thing can have some damaging repercussions.


A comment might even seem harmless to you, but to your boyfriend it’s irritating and perhaps even hurtful. The problem is – how do you know what’s hurting him if he doesn’t tell you?

Let’s take a look at 10 things you say that your partner really doesn’t like to hear.

Comparing Him To Your Ex

“You know, you remind me of my ex in so many ways.”

Um. You know what he’s thinking if you say this to him, don’t you? “Well, why don’t you just go back and date your ex then??”

It’s the same if you say something, “OMG my ex wore exactly the same thing!”

Or how about this classic? “My ex kissed me like that too!!”

You don’t think it matters so much. After all, you know that you’re over your ex. And in any case, it was YOUR ex. Why should he be so upset by the comparisons?

But why on earth would any new guy in your life want to be compared – favourably or unfavourably – with your ex? He wants to be the “new” guy in your life. In other words, he wants to be 100% himself. He doesn’t want to hear that he wears the same clothes as your ex, supports the same football team, or LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM.

Asking Why He Loves You

We understand why you would ask this question. But he doesn’t, and it’s a question that really exhausts him.

He knows he loves you. He’s told you often enough. He loves you because you’re You. If that’s not good enough for you, we’re afraid you’ll just have to deal with it.

Info That Can Get Him In Trouble

You’ve just found out by hearsay that a friend is pregnant. It’s top secret and you’re not supposed to know. Let’s just say that you heard it on the grapevine somehow.

Unfortunately, you’re the kind of girl who’s really bad at keeping secrets, and you have to tell someone. So, you decide to tell your partner.

But guess what? He’s not really into this whole “I’m gonna tell you something you’re not supposed to know and if you tell someone else I will have to kill you,” thing. He doesn’t want to be burdened with these secrets, and he wishes very much that you keep them to yourself.

“I’m Fine.”

“I’m fine,” is probably a line that girls have used more than any other!

Unfortunately, guys cottoned onto the real meaning behind these 10,000 years ago, when cave women started using it.

Cave Man: “Are you sure you’re okay, honey?”

Cave Woman: “I’m fine.”

Cave Man: “You don’t sound it.”

Cave Woman: “I’M FINE.”

Guys hate this line, because they know we’re lying. They much prefer it when you just admit what’s bothering you.

Your Friends Gross Stuff

“So my friend had such a heavy period this time,” you say casually over dinner.

He freezes, stops eating.

He shakes his head, assuming you must have said something else and he heard you wrong.


“And her IBS has been terrible lately.”

He puts down his fork, dabs his lips with his napkin and picks up his plate.

“You okay, sweetie?” you ask.

“I’m fine. Just not that hungry.”

Look, he’s just too polite to say it, but he doesn’t want to hear about your gross stuff, let alone your friends. He doesn’t care to know that her period was really heavy this time, or that her IBS has been playing up badly. It doesn’t matter a jot to him. You know?

“But it’s just the human body, I don’t understand why we should fear this …”

Stop right there.

Begging For Forgiveness

You’ve got such low self-esteem that you’re convinced that you’ve upset him and you’re desperate for him to forgive you. But he’s already told you a million times that there is nothing to forgive you for. Yet you still keep asking him.

It just annoys him. Accept what happened, accept that he isn’t upset, and move on.

Asking For His Opinion On Every Outfit

Just don’t do it. He’ll say something out of place again, you’ll ask him what he meant by it, and then you’ll say you’re not buying something because he basically said you look fat in it.

Fantasising About Future Kids

Some guys will happily play along with your fantasises of future kids. And, sure, they want to have kids with you and look forward to it.

But some guys just don’t want to hear these fantasies. At least not yet. Especially if you keep saying, “When we get married and have kids …” it’s going to put pressure on him, and it could scare him off.

It sounds like bliss to you, and you want to share these happy pictures with him. For now, though, try to keep them inside your head.

Asking Him What’s On His Mind

He loves you, but does he have to share his private thoughts with you?

Asking If He Thinks A Girl Is Hot

“Do you think she’s hot?” you ask in a cafe.

How do you want him to answer? What is he supposed to say to this?

Guys are in a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation when you spring this question on them. If he answers No, you’ll say he’s lying. If he answers Yes, you’ll inwardly get jealous and perhaps start to feel insecure.

He knows he can’t win with this one, so lay off with it.

Stay happy!

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