10 Things women can learn from men

Girls love to criticise men: ‘Men are unemotional, unromantic and tactless’, but there are some things that women could learn from men. You might not want to be exactly like a man, and who would blame you, but take a look at these ten characteristics of men that, perhaps, women could learn from:

1. They don’t beat around the bush

Men can be accused of being too blunt in the way that they talk, but women can sometimes be trying so hard to be tactful, they never actually get the point! Most men would certainly agree, a little lesson in plain talking and expressing what you really think would be a good thing for many women to learn.

2. They fight fair

Most men have an inbred sense of honour that means that when they fight, they fight clean and by the rules. They are far less likely to resort to underhand tactics in an argument and they don’t hold grudges after a fight either. Once an apology has been made and honour is satisfied, it’s all back to normal and the fight is forgotten.

3. They get over heartbreak fast

Men don’t sit at home crying when they split up from girlfriend, they go out, find a party and enjoy time with friends or, sometimes, they even start looking for a new girlfriend straight away. This is definitely something women could learn from men; that ‘get over it’ attitude that men seem to have.

4. Laughing in the face of adversity

Guys can seem insensitive, the way that they can make jokes about bad situations, but that’s their way of dealing with things and it seems to work. Men don’t sit around agreeing with each other how bad the world around them is, they make a joke about it and move on to something else.

5. They see the bigger picture

Men are far more likely to see the silver lining in a situation than women. Rather than dwelling on the one thing that has gone wrong, they will take a step back, look at the bigger picture and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

6. Men are not as overprotective as women

Men don’t have the same adversity to danger that women do and, because of this, women can sometimes be a little overprotective, especially, when it comes to children. A man will sit a watch his son climb a tree, whereas a woman is more like to shout ‘get down or you’re going to hurt yourself’. The problem is though, it’s by falling out of the tree that we learn.

7. Men are more self-focussed

Men are often criticised for this, but it is a trait that some women could learn from. Women are sometimes so focused on other people that they forget to be kind to themselves. A little bit of healthy and positive selfishness is good for everyone, from time to time.

8. Men are less trusting

Men tend to expect less from other people, than women do and, often, they almost expect to get hurt. They view the world in a more adversarial way and they expect the worst from someone, before they open up and trust them. Women, on the other hand, are sometimes too quick to trust and therefore get hurt more often.

9. They get ready to go out quicker

Men are not competing with each other to look the best, so when it’s time to go out with their friends, they just throw on some clothes, brush down their hair with their hands and they go. Some girls could save a lot of time if they just realised that they don’t need to look perfect, every time they step outside. It’s those little imperfections that make girls perfectly special.

10. They are more assertive

A woman can be too accommodating sometimes and be trying to please all the people all the time. It may seem rude and selfish, the way a man will demand and expect to get what he wants, but sometimes women could learn from this and stand up more for what they want.

Are there some other things women can learn from men, on your opinion?

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Stay happy!

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