10 Things To Do After A Break up

Breaking up is not always easy to do. Whilst some people seem to be able to cope and move on quickly, it’s likely because they know exactly what they need to do immediately after a breakup. They know the secrets, the hints and the tips; they know they need to get out of the house, meet new people, and avoid Facebook. And to help you get out of a rut and move on with your life quickly, you need to get clued up too.

You see, the really bad thing about breakups is that they cause us to lose time. We become unproductive because we’re spending our days moping around the house, thinking of him, smelling him, and wishing he was still with us. Because of this, we don’t get things done. We take time off work, we tell our friends we’re not in the mood to see them, and we lock ourselves in our bedroom, get underneath the duvet with a load of chocolate and a tall pile of romantic movie DVDs to cry our heart out. To discover how to get over a breakup the right way, let’s take a look at some things to do after a break up.

1. Change Your Bedding

Changing your bed sheets after a breakup is a really therapeutic way to kick start the healing process. Your bed sheets are one of the chief reminders of him; indeed, you can probably still smell him on them! To rid your bedroom of negative energy, and of any lingering memories that are making you feel blue, we recommend that you invest in some brand new, colourful bed sheets.

You could even strip the wallpaper too and re-decorate your whole room. Hmmm, you could even move house!

2. Don’t Talk About Him

This is another one of important things to do after a break up. Don’t even think about him.

(Although that is hard to do when all of a sudden every guy in the gosh darn world has the same name has him!)

But you should definitely make an effort to quit talking about him. Don’t keep asking his friends how he is, and wondering whether or not he is happy or whether he is with a new girl. This will not only worsen your own problems, but it will eventually annoy your friends, so much that they suddenly can become busy every time you try to get in touch with them. Remember, conversations about your ex get tiring very quickly.

3. Avoid Finding Love Immediately

Got a new beau and want to unleash him onto the world of Facebook via hundreds of pics? We would save those pics if we were you. Finding “love” immediately after a break up is the worst possible idea, and it only ends in disaster when you realise you were just doing it to make yourself feel better and your ex feel like crap. And it will really suck if the other guy has already got plans to marry you. Oops.

4. Unfriend Him On Facebook

Another one of important things to do after a break up is to unfriend him on Facebook. This is not a spiteful tactic designed to get back at him; rather, it’s all part of the healing process. If you unfriend your ex on Facebook, it means you won’t get the chance to be consumed by feelings of anger, regret, jealousy, depression and so on. You won’t see his status updates about how well he’s doing, and you definitely won’t see the photos of him on a work night out with two girls draped on his arms. So rather than remind yourself of all that you’ve lost, get the healing party started by deleting him. It’s for your own good.

5. Make Sure Your Friends Know What You Need

If going out for a night on the tiles is not what you need right now, it’s imperative that you make your friends know this. If, however, a night on the town is exactly what you’d like, let them know! Friends find it hard to help you out of your post-breakup malaise, unless they know what you want. If you’ve sworn off men for at least a year, it won’t exactly be helpful if they pressure you into going on dates. Set some boundaries and tell them your needs. In this way, your friends will be able to help you get over your ex.

6. Lay Off Social Media For A While

Another one of useful things to do after a break up is to lay off social media for a while, because sometimes, deleting your ex from Facebook is not enough. Sometimes you have to go all the way and hide your social media profile for a few weeks. Social media is a little gossiper and it tells all – and it often tells much more than you needed to know. Wicked whispers are everywhere, and even if you have deleted him, you’ll still find a way of finding out what he’s up to.

7. Have A Naughty Conversation

We’re not suggesting you go online and hook up with a stranger; instead, why not reply to that guy who was trying to flirt with you a few months ago? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of naughtiness between friends, and when you’re feeling down and rejected after a break up it can make you feel attractive again. Which is exactly what you need immediately after a break up.

8. Keep Yourself Occupied

If you’re bored and lounging around your flat in your onesie, it can be tempting to give your ex a text. After all, what have you got to lose? You’ve not got anything better to do!

For this reason, it’s important to keep yourself active after a break up. We suggest returning to the things you loved doing before you got into a relationship. Put some time aside for those old hobbies that you haven’t been indulging in recently, and keep your mind and your body active.

9. Avoid Self-Loathing And Guilt

After a bad break up, it’s so easy to get onto Facebook and start making all those “woe is me” statuses. It’s too easy to want people to feel sorry for you by letting them know just how much your life sucks right now. You want the attention; you don’t even necessarily want to talk about it, but you just want people to know that you’re suffering.

This is not cool though, and will only make things worse. Instead, you should project a happy image of yourself and let everyone know that you’re doing well. You should work hard to avoid alcoholic stupors, self-loathing, or guilt, and instead be positive and energetic. You don’t need him! You’re a strong, capable woman who is on top of the world!

10. Flirt

Flirting is another one of useful things to do after a break up. Flirting is fun, but it’s not necessarily something we tend to do when we’re in a relationship, and if we do indulge in a bit of casual flirting, we invariably feel a tad guilty. But you’re free now, and to make sure you don’t fall into a bout of depression after a break up, why not head out and have a bit of fun? Whether you’re flirting with a guy in a bar or a work colleague in the office, flirting will make you feel so much better.

Just make sure you don’t fall in love too quickly, okay?

Do you have other ideas of things to do after a break up?

Stay happy!

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