10 Things The Right Guy Will Love About You

Think you might have met the One? In this article, we take a look at 10 things the right guy will love about you.

It’s not always so easy to know when we’re dating Mr Right. We want to be sure that we’re dating him, and so we have to look for the signs. How does he treat us? Are we a priority of his? Has he introduced us to his parents and friends yet?

As well as how he acts, you should also look out for what he loves about you. Put it this way, if a guy is Mr Right, he will love you warts ’n’ all. In other words, he’ll love your best moments and your worst. He’ll love your strengths and your weaknesses. He’ll celebrate your beauty and adore your flaws. Why? Because he loves the full article.

If you’re not sure yet whether or not you’ve met the right guy, let’s take a look at 10 things he’ll love about you.

Your Cooking

You might not be a master chef, and he probably knows this. But while he’s not blind to the fact that you’re not the world’s most amazing cook, he’s certainly going to appreciate it whenever you’ve prepared dinner for him. He’s not going to complain or grumble that you’ve burn the potatoes. He’s going to eat it, enjoy it and tell you he loves you.

Your Passions

We all have something that drives us in life – something that motivates us to get out of bed in the morning. Something that lights up our eyes whenever we talk about it, and which makes us want to be the best we can. It’s what drives to get more out of life.

In other words, we all have a passion.

Whereas the wrong guy might spend his time trying to pour water on your flame if your burning passion doesn’t match his, the right guy will love your passions no matter what. He’ll encourage you to make good on them, to chase your dream and win. Even if a part of him disagrees what you love to do, he’ll be your biggest cheerleader. He knows how much this means to you.

Your Personality

The right guy tells you that there isn’t a thing about you that he’d change. And you’d better believe it, because he means it. You’re perfect just the way you are, and he wouldn’t swap you for the world.

Everything You Come With

The wrong guy gets scared and runs away as soon as you reveal that your life is a tad complicated. As it turns out, there’s more to you than a single girl who’s ready to party. And because he can’t take the heat, he’s ready to bolt.

The right guy, on the other hand, understands that some women come with baggage. Some may have children, or an abusive parent. They understand this, and they love you all the same.

The right guy isn’t going to get scared and run away just because there’s more to you than a a job and an apartment. He knows that life is complicated, and that things happen. You’ve got a backstory that you might not love, but he knows that it’s all part of the wonder of you. And he’s ready to use it to help turn your next chapter into an amazing one.

Your Body

Lot of girls are more body conscious than they’re prepared to admit. And the wrong type of guy can easily make us feel worse:

“Well, you’re far from the hottest girl I’ve ever met. But it doesn’t matter because I love you and want you.”

Gee, thanks for the back-handed compliment. Way to make a girl feel so special!

The right man won’t talk like this at all. Neither will he be lying when he tells you that your body is perfect to him. He’ll mean it from his heart. Your body is truly manna from heaven to him, and he can’t wait to kiss it and hold it.

The Little Things You Do

From packing his lunch to preparing a bath for when he gets home, he loves and appreciates all the small things you do for him.

Your Less Endearing Personality Traits

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve at my best.”

     – Marilyn Monroe

It’s one of the most frequently used quotes of Monroe’s – and for good reason. Some guys can’t cop when it turns out that the woman they’re dating is human after all. She gets stressed and sometimes reacts badly. And, yes, she isn’t always the best company. She occasionally gets moody and snappy.

The right guy get this. He knows that a woman is a three-dimensional human being just like he is. And he’ll love you all the more for it.

All Your Quirks

We all have quirks. But our quirks can easily annoy Mr Wrong:

“Can you please stop doing that? You do it all the time and it’s really starting to bug me. It’s weird.”

So-ree, Mr Perfect!

Fortunately, Mr Right won’t take this kind of curt attitude at all. He’ll fall in love with your quirks, because they’re what make you YOU.

Yes, they might be a bit weird. But they’re cute and endearing to him.

Your Face In The Morning

You’ve just woken up. You’re a bit bleary-eyed and you’ve just remembered that you forgot to remove your makeup last night. You think you look a mess, but he reassures you by telling you that you look amazing. Do you believe him? It doesn’t matter. He adores your morning face.

Your Changes

People change. Very few stay the same. The ones who do are usually the ones who end up regretting later in life that they didn’t change.

Your man can’t expect you to stay the same for the rest of your life. The wrong man might expect and want this. But the right guy understands that change and growth is important if we’re to learn more about ourselves and live the life we want.

Not only does he love your changes and growth process, but he wants you to grow with him.

Stay happy!

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