10 Things that make a guy less attractive

OK guys, it’s time for you to learn just where you’ve been going wrong all these years! If you think that body odor is just a sign of your manliness, and swearing at a waiter because your soup is cold, is a sign of strength, then you should be reading these ten things that girls say make you less attractive!

1. A lack of grooming and personal hygiene

If you want to stay single, then not taking a care of your appearance is the sure fire way to do it! Bad breath, body odor, not bothering to shave and old, crumpled clothes are all sure ways to turn a girl away from you.

2. A lack of ambition

Women love men with drive and ambition, so, if you sound like you have none, they are soon going to be put off. A guy needs to have a bit of ‘get up and go’ about him and be able to show some passion for life, if he wants to hit it off with a girl.

3. Bad table manners

Girls don’t want to see your food, churning around in your mouth, while you talk, and nor does she want to watch you cramming your food into your mouth like you haven’t eaten for a week. Remember your basic table manners, when you go on a date or your bad manners will be all that she remembers about you.

4. A sense of humour deficit

At the top of most women’s wish list for the ideal man is his ability to make her laugh. No girl wants to be with a guy who takes himself so seriously that he can’t laugh at himself, so lighten up and crack a smile, if you want her to stay around.

5. Being overly obsessed with sports

Most guys love their sports, but it shouldn’t be all that you live for, because most girls just aren’t as keen on sports, as you are. Sports are fine, but going to the match every week, is not a most girls’ idea of a perfect date and nor is going to a sports bar, every time you meet her.

6. Too much swearing

We understand that if you jam your finger in the car door, then you’re unlikely to say ‘oh dear, that stung a bit’. But, if your every other word is a swear word, then that’s going to be a turn off. Remember, one day she might want to introduce you to her family and it’s unlikely that her mother will want to hear that kind of language.

7. Being drunk

A girl wants you to be reliable, supportive and to be able to protect her, but, if you are so drunk that she’s the one doing all the hard work, just to get home in one piece, then that’s not going to be the way to her heart! Keep your drinking to reasonable limits, so that you’ll be able to have a meaningful conversation with her too.

8. Being overly aggressive

Keep your temper under control and don’t go challenging every guy that looks your way, when you are out. A girl wants to feel that you can take care of her, but she doesn’t want to be watching you get into a fight every night.

9. Being late and forgetting dates

Always being late for dates will soon put her off and if you keep forgetting to meet her altogether, you might as well write the relationship off now! If you don’t care enough about her to be punctual, then she will wonder what other things you might not be taking seriously.

10. Wearing anything that makes you look weird or geeky

A girl wants to be proud of you and be able to introduce you to her friends. So, if you are fond of walking around wearing sandals and socks, with three quarter length trousers, a Spiderman shirt and talking loudly into the Bluetooth device that is permanently glued to your ear, then think again!

What other things, on your opinion, make a guy less attractive?

Stay happy!

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