10 Things not to say to your girlfriend

Guys, you know that the ladies can be sensitive, so be careful about the things that you say to your girlfriend! When you find yourself in that impossible, no win situation, where you have said something that was completely innocent, but seems to have caused the fight of the century, it can leave you feeling more than just a little confused and bemused. So, read on, and find ten of the top things that you should never say to your lady, if you want to avoid that particular minefield altogether:

1. ‘You’re just like your mother’

Did someone mention minefields? Well, this is a biggie! There is no way that this will be a winning remark because, if her mother is the wicked witch of the west, then you’ve just insulted your girlfriend beyond all belief and, if her mother is the kindest, most wonderful human being on the planet, you’ve just insulted Mother Theresa! Never, ever use the ‘M’ word in anger!

2. ‘What have you done to your hair?’

OMG, what have you just said! ‘Your hair looks great’, or ‘wow, I love your hair, but, what have you done to it?’ If she’s having a bad hair day, she knows it and she doesn’t need you to tell her that you noticed.

3. ‘Honestly, she’s just a very good friend’

This is another one of things not to say to your girlfriend. If there was no suspicion about this ‘friend’ of yours before, there certainly will be now! If you feel you have to justify a genuine platonic friendship with another girl, then you are being defensive, and your girlfriend is going to wonder why.

4. ‘Wow! You were hungry’

Your girlfriend never overeats and she’s the very picture of slim perfection, so never mention that she might have just eaten too much. You might as well tell her, straight out, that she needs to lose some weight!

5. ‘Say again, I wasn’t really listening’

It’s true that girls do seem to have the knack of wanting to talk about something really important, just at a vital moment in the all-important game on TV. None the less, what she has to say is far more important than a silly, football game, so at least make the effort to listen with one ear!

6. ‘You’re right, she’s stunning’

Don’t fall into the trap of getting the answer wrong, when your girlfriend says, ‘Don’t you think that girl over there looks nice?’ The answer that she is expecting is ‘no’, or, if you can’t bring yourself to tell a complete lie then try: ‘Oh really, I hadn’t noticed!’

7. ‘My mother never used to cook it like that’

You know what her reply will be to this, don’t you? Seriously though, she doesn’t mean that you should go back to your mother, but it is quite insulting to tell your girlfriend that she can’t cook.

8. ‘You’re only saying that because it’s that time of the month’

Whoops, you just put your foot right in it again! If it is ‘that time of the month’, then now he’s going to really let rip, and if it’s not, then you’ve just told her that you are not taking her seriously. She could be mad at you for a genuine reason, it does happen, you know!

9. ‘You don’t need all that makeup’

This is another one of those things not to say to your girlfriend. This was quite probably meant as a compliment, but it rarely gets taken the right way. We know that you meant that she is so beautiful, she doesn’t need makeup, but she thinks you just said either that she wears too much makeup, or that any amount won’t help anyway!

10. ‘You’re the best girl in my life’

Really, how many do you have?

Things not to say to your girlfriend don’t stop there of course. Do you have some other relationship advice for men to share?

Stay happy!

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