10 Things not to say to a guy you love

Thought men literally never take offense about anything? In this article, Beauty and Tips reveals the 10 phrases you should never say to a guy you love.

So as it turns out, there are things guys really don’t want to hear. There are things they love to hear, but there are also things that leave them feeling, shall we say, a bit cold. And, no, we’re not talking about the time you cheered for the opposite team. We’re talking about real stuff that moves him in very bad way and could even make him fall out of love with you. See, guys aren’t the emotionless, never-offended, chest-beating alpha males, as some people like to portray them as. They have feelings and vulnerabilities, and they take things to heart. If you push the wrong buttons, you could make them feel pretty lousy. And we’re quite sure you don’t want that! As such, here are 10 things not to say to a guy you love.

“Your Friend Is So Funny!”

Um what? His friend … his friend is so funny? The only phrase that is worse than this is “your friend is so much funnier than you!” In fact, both phrases are as bad as each other. By telling him his friend is funny, you’re insinuating that he is funnier than your partner. Maybe you don’t really mean that, but that’s what your man will take from it. Guys are meant to be the funny ones in a relationship. They’re meant to make us laugh. If a guy can make us laugh, it makes him feel great. And he has to be funnier to you than any other guy you know. Call it a ego thing, call it what you want. But the fact is, if you think his friend is funnier than you, it will instantly put him on his guard. Why? Because he knows – as all guys know – that ALL girls love funny guys and find them attractive. Not only will he be worried that there is someone funnier than him in your social circles, but he’ll also be worried that you now prefer someone else – someone who can make you laugh even more than he can. Maybe you think it is SO silly. Maybe it is. But for the sake of your relationship and your man’s heart, don’t tell him his friend (or any of your male friends) are funny. Don’t ever go there!

“You Always Do That.”

This is another one of those things not to say to a guy that you love. The problem with this is it’s so absolute. He doesn’t always do anything. So why say that he does? Maybe you’ll contest that you weren’t being literal. The problem is that he’ll focus on the “always” and will get defensive. This can create tension and might even lead to an argument. Instead, it’s much better to say something like: “Why don’t you try something different?”

“You Say Such Stupid Stuff Sometimes!”

You know what guys want you to think? They want you to think that they’re the smartest person you know. They know that not everything they say will be smart, but they don’t want to hear you point out that sometimes they say such dumb stuff. It undermines them, makes them feel bad and does nothing for the health of your relationship.

“Was She Good In Bed?”

This is another one of things not to say to a guy. Never eve ever, ever, EVER ask about his ex like this.

“You’ll Never Understand Me.”

Again with the absolutes! When you use the word “never” you’re provoking a reaction from him – a bad one. Sure, you’re not being literal, but guys tend to be very literal. Moreover, this will actually hurt his feelings. Believe it or not, guys work hard to understand us. So when we throw it all back in their face and tell them they’ll never understand us, well, they can get pretty upset!

“Is She Pretty?”

Um, hello? Are you crazy? This is one question you should never ask your man. Whatever answer he gives, he’s damned and it can lead to arguments. Avoid.

“Get Over It Already!”

Whatever it is – be it sports of a job they had their hearts set on – telling your man to simply get over it is a pretty careless thing to say. A man has feelings too, and he needs to know that you understand him. A little empathy from you wouldn’t go amiss now and then. Instead of telling him to get over it, adopt his tonality and body language, and show him that you care. Tell him, yes, it sucks. It’s awful. Then, lead him to a better place. Agree with him, and then slowly show him that it’s much better that he doesn’t spend all day moping about it.

“My Ex Was The Same.”

Want an easy way of driving a wedge between you and the man you love? Mention your ex and compare him to your partner. It lets him know you still think of your ex – which can ruin a relationship. Even if what you say is true and your intentions are good and innocent, just don’t go there.

“Maybe He Was Better Than You.”

This is clearly one of those things not to say to a guy, especially if you love him. Guys tend to see life as a competition. Even winning you was a competition. This is why it’s important that you never tell him specifically that he failed at something because another man was better than him. It will bruise his ego and might give him an inferiority complex. In your eyes, he won’t be good enough. Instead, tell him that he made one or two mistakes, wasn’t focused enough, was too tired, and that he can learn from his errors and come back stronger next time. This time, it just wasn’t his day. But he’s still the best.

“I Don’t Even Know Why I’m With You.”

There probably isn’t anything worse you can say to a man you claim to love than this. If you want to break is heart, say this. Otherwise, avoid it. Even in the heat of an argument, avoid this killer line. It will sting like heck, you’ll spend all week regretting it and, to be honest, he might never forget it.

Do you have other ideas on things not to say to a guy?

Stay happy!

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