10 Things Girls Think Impress Men, But They Really Don’t

We’ve all done things we assume will impress the opposite gender. But is it a case that you’ve been doing things that actually turn guys off?

The dating world is a tough world to negotiate. Not only is it hard getting a date in the first place, but once you’ve arranged to meet a guy you then have to put on your best clothes, roll out your funniest jokes, and engage him in some sharp conversation.

In your desire to be liked by him, you even bring your box of tricks with you that you just know always impress guys. Maybe it’s your “hilarious” anecdote about how you once launched a business that folded in two days. Or maybe you try to impress him by changing the tone of your voice to somehow sound more seductive.

We’ve all done things we think impress men. But what about 10 things we think impress guys that actually don’t? To make sure you aren’t guilty of making some catastrophic dating mistakes, let’s take a look!

Pretending To Like Sports

Okay, so you’re dating a sports junkie. You don’t really like sports, and you kinda wish he didn’t like sports so much. But since he seems like a really cool dude you’d like to get to know better, you do the only thing that any girl would do in a bid to win him over – you pretend to like sports.

“Go Team!” you cry as you both sit on the sofa watching the biggest game of his life. You think your well-timed display of enthusiasm has impressed him and brought you both closer together.

It hasn’t. It’s only annoyed him. While you scream ecstatically, he just wishes he could watch the game with his buddies instead.

Maybe he really likes you. But seriously, sports are important to him. He doesn’t need you to pretend that you like them. Let him enjoy them while you do whatever it is you gotta do. He would love you forever if you went away to do some knitting.

Flirting With Other Guys

Think flirting with other guys right in front of his face will make him jealous? Think again! He’ll likely lose interest right there and then.

Wearing Tight, Short Dresses and Skirts

Think it’s gonna impress him when you rock up for your night out together wearing the tightest of dresses?

Think he’s going to turn into a panting dog when you show up wearing a skirt so short that it might as well be a belt?

It’s not really impressing anyone – and definitely not him.

Guys like their girls to have some class. Maybe when they were 13 they dreamed of dating a girl who showed 95% of her flesh on a date. But not anymore.

Acting Distant

Not replied to his text for 4 hours so that he’ll think you’re busy and cool? Um, probably not. Guys aren’t impressed when we make them wait so long for replies all the time. It sends out totally the wrong impression.

Wearing A Huge Amount Of Makeup

What is it about girls piling on the makeup? We think it’s going to impress guys because it somehow makes us look more gorgeous. And, after all, guys love painted faces, right? They love blusher, the works. They hate our natural faces.

The truth is that a pile of makeup on your face isn’t going to impress a guy. He’s going to think you look ridiculous.

Guys love the natural look more than we realise. When we wear as little makeup as possible, it tells the guy that we’re comfortable with how we look, and that we have a lot of confidence.

It also means he’s dating a real human, and not a doll.

Telling Lies

What if the great big fat lie you composed to impress him doesn’t even impress I’m.

And what if you then get found out for being a big fat liar anyway? Not cool.

Being Cool and Serious All The Time

Sure, guys like to date cool girls. But do you have to be so cool and serious all the time? Really?

Guys prefer it when you lighten up and can laugh at yourself. You don’t need to walk around looking like you’re on a red carpet all the time. Laugh in public, tell silly jokes, act daft. He won’t mind.

Turning Up Late

You don’t wanna show up early because it makes you look keen and needy. And that certainly won’t impress him.

On the other hand, showing up late shows that you’re cool and high maintenance, right? The guy will be impressed that you took the time to make yourself look beautiful for him.

And guys don’t mind waiting around a little while, do they? Perhaps they can order a drink and chat to the bartender about “the game” last night.

Actually, turning up late – no matter how spectacular you look – isn’t impressing any guy. He might let it slide the first time, but the more you do it, the more he’ll start to get annoyed.

And it might even be enough for him to end this, especially if he thinks you’re taking liberties!

Laughing At ALL His Jokes

When we say laughing at all his jokes, we really mean all of his jokes. Like, you literally laugh at everything he says.

You’re basically fawning over him, and showing him that you think he’s awesome. You’re making him feel good about himself and you (because you totally get him and his sense of humour).

The reality is that you’re just getting on his nerves. No one is that funny – and he knows it.

You don’t have to fake a laugh at everything he says to impress him. It won’t rub. Just laugh normally, and when he says something that isn’t funny, just roll your eyes, smile and tell him he’s SO not funny.

Playing Dumb

We’re not sure why girls do this. Why do girls think playing dumb is going to impress a dude? Do we really think he’s so vapid that he can’t handle a girl who is mature, intelligent and who can outsmart him from time to time?

Okay, so guys like to look smart. They love teaching us things. But they still want us to be close to their level (not on their level – they love being smarter). Guys like to have their opinions challenged now and then. It impresses them when you show bravery to challenge them.

Stay happy!

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