10 Things about girls that guys just find hard to get

Have you ever noticed that bemused look that guys get on their face sometimes? Well, that could well be because he’s trying really hard to work out what on earth you are doing and why on earth you are doing it. To a man, some things that girls do really are a complete mystery, so read on and find out what it is that you do, that guys just don’t get.

1. Having nothing to wear

This is one of the deepest mysteries to men. How can a woman, with a walk in wardrobe that contains more outfits than the women’s clothing department of a major store, have nothing to wear! What’s wrong with what you wore last night?

2. Wearing heels that hurt

Why wear shoes that are uncomfortable? That makes no sense at all to a man. Yes, they look good, they make your legs go on forever, but what’s the point if you can’t walk in them?

3. What to do when you cry

Guys just don’t quite know what to do, when a girl cries. They know they don’t like it, and they know they should do something about it, but they don’t understand that a clumsy comment like ‘never mind’, ‘it’s not important’, ‘you’ll soon forget about it’, really doesn’t help.

4. Why girls pretend that nothing is wrong, when it really is?

Expecting a man to read your mind is like expecting a pig to fly. Guys don’t get, why you don’t get this and they wish you’d just come out with it and tell them what is bothering you.

5. Frenemies

What the heck is a Frenemy? Guys don’t get this at all. If you don’t like someone then don’t mix with them. It is as simple as that for a guy!

6. Why girls get so hung up about guys remembering things

Guys don’t understand how girls can remember all the fine details about events and dates that occurred. Most will remember the date of their anniversary, but what you wore on your first date and the date on which you first kissed, all that is just a blur in the past to them.

7. What goes on in the ladies room

When a guy goes to the men’s room, it takes five minutes at the most. When a girl goes, the guy is left trying to work out what exactly is in that room that makes it take half an hour?

8. Drama and gossip

We put these two together as they do go hand in hand. What a guy doesn’t get is – why is it so interesting what someone else is doing, and secondly, why it is so important to tell all your friends all about it?

9. Periods

OK, so he’s a modern man of the world, he knows what a period is all about! Actually, no he doesn’t and he doesn’t want to know either. All he wants to know is when, so he can keep out of your way.

10. How you can lose things so often

When you shout ‘have you seen my keys’ a guy is sitting quietly thinking to himself: ‘Why would I have seen your keys? They’re probably right where you left them, and how can you possibly lose keys your every single day?!’

What other things about girls, on your opinion, guys find hard to get?

Stay happy!

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