10 Things a real man will do when he is in a happy relationship

A real man is not selfish, he his caring and he is a true gentleman. Such qualities may have gone out of fashion in some quarters, but these men do still exist. When the real man is happy in a relationship, he doesn’t become complacent and start to take things for granted, he becomes even more responsible and thoughtful, and here are ten more things that a real man will do when he is happy, in a relationship:

1. He will speak his mind

A real man knows his own mind and he won’t become a pushover, just because he has fallen for you. He will however always debate issues with you calmly and he won’t lose his temper or shout. He’s no ‘yes-man’ but he does respect you and your opinions.

2. He will put effort into the relationship

Real mean are not apathetic about relationships and they do take women seriously. He will put in the time and effort into a relationship to make sure that you are happy and to make sure that it works.

3. He will not be indecisive

A strong man will always take account your opinion and he won’t ride roughshod over you. He will be the type, though, that hates indecision, so he will make decisions that he believes will be for the best, rather than make no decision at all.

4. He will respect you for you who you are

This kind of guy looks beyond skin deep beauty and looks for the real person beneath. He will love and respect you for who you are and he would not like it if you put on a pretence to please him.

5. He takes his responsibilities seriously

Real men take full responsibility for their actions and will always hold their hands for you, if they make a mistake. They will take arriving up on time to pick you up, as seriously as they would take on the responsibilities of being a husband or a father.

6. He will be 100% committed

This type of man lives by his morals. He simply will not cheat and you can have every confidence of that. You will always be able to trust him and he will be one hundred percent committed to the relationship.

7. He will always be well groomed

Another thing that you trust this man to do is that he will always turn up looking his best. He will want to keep himself in trim and look after his appearance. That’s not just for his sake, it’s also out of respect for you.

8. He will be protective of you

A real man will always stand up for his partner and will always be there to protect you. That’s not because he thinks that you can’t look after yourself, it’s simply because he really does care.

9. A real man won’t be over-possessive

You won’t get any wild accusations or paranoid behavior with a real man. He will trust you, just as you trust him and he will be more than happy that you have a life outside of the relationship, as well as within.

10. He will know how to be romantic

And the last thing about real men that makes so great, is that they know how to treat a lady and they are not afraid to make romantic gestures. Old fashioned? Maybe, but who doesn’t like being lavished with gifts and romantic surprises!

Stay happy!

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