10 Things a Lady should never do while on a date with her man

Many magazines recommend that couples in a long term relationship still go on dates to give a spark to their feelings. Some give tips on what to wear, others share interesting recipes of delicious deserts to impress your partner after dinner, while some recommend best movies to watch together.

Here are some tips on what a lady shouldn’t do while on a date with her boyfriend or husband. And, even if you are in a happy relationship for a long time, remember that your man will always appreciate being treated with love, care and respect, and he will appreciate even the smallest of things that show how much you care about him.

Clothes tips:

1. Avoid old worn out lingerie

Ladies, there is no place for ruined fabric, faded colours and worn out underwear in our wardrobe! If there is a defect or a thread that sticks out, throw away that piece of lingerie without any doubt or hesitation. Your husband will surely prefer gorgeous lingerie to any piece of makeup or clothes you can buy. Beautiful lingerie is not only attractive and pleasant to wear, but it’s also a sign of respect and appreciation for your man. Gorgeous lingerie will also boost your own self-confidence and self-esteem. Guys are naturally attracted to confident women, aren’t they?

Body tips:

2. Never leave your legs unshaved

Whether you like it or not, men prefer smooth and soft skin. Even before applying make-up, make sure to take care of your entire body. Your legs and armpits should always be clean, soft and perfectly shaved. In fact, bad hygiene is the first killer of romantic appeal and later – of love.

3. Don’t go heavy on foundation

Beautiful, flawless skin looks healthy and smooth, and some women have the chance to enjoy this gift of nature, but, as for the rest of us, mere mortals, we use foundation. Foundation is created to hide fine lines, blemishes and small imperfections. If your foundation is visible on your face, then you just didn’t apply it the right way. Perfectly applied foundation should be absolutely invisible to other people’s eyes and even to your own. So when it comes to applying foundation, blending is the key. Otherwise your man will feel like he’s on a date with the “Iron Mask.”

Perfume tips:

4. Avoid applying too much perfume

There are situations in life when it’s very important to leave some kind of a memory of your presence for after you leave. A good example of this is – a job interview. However, for a romantic evening with your partner, the olfactive experts recommend using scents that don’t leave any trail. Your partner should smell your fragrance only when he is next to you. If he likes the smell, he will instinctively do his best to stay as close to you as possible. It is recommended to use ‘eau de parfum’ in this case. The concentration of the aromatic compounds in it won’t allow any scent trails. However, ladies, we should be very careful with the quantity of perfume. Since eau de parfum is very concentrated, apply a tiny drop on the pulse points – behind the ears, the nape of the neck, and the insides of wrists, elbows and knees. The pulse point will warm the perfume and release fragrance continuously.

5. Avoid using the notes of patchouli in your fragrance

Patchouli is wonderful in essential oils. As a fragrance, it has a woody-balsamic undertone, which is more suitable for men, because it gives them the image of stability, strength and consistency. In other words it is a scent of maturity. Unfortunately, maturity is associated with age which is not what we, ladies, are after, nor do we want to bring this into focus.

Restaurant tips

6. Don’t count calories while on a date

A date is a wonderful occasion for a romantic full course dinner. As for the majority of couples, a man is the one who decides on a restaurant. So, no wonder, that you might find yourself in a place that serves everything but low fat food. Well, we, girls, are living this hard life – a moment on your lips, forever on your hips! However, a romantic date is not the right time to think of weight loss. Accept the invitation of your partner, enjoy your food and don’t forget to thank him for the great choice. This way, your man will feel appreciated and, what’s more, you’ll make him feel as if it was him who cooked the food, served it and even opened that restaurant, especially, for you to come and enjoy.

7. Avoid going heavy on alcohol while on a date

There is nothing more unattractive than a drunk woman. Having a glass of good champagne is, on the contrary, romantic, beautiful and pleasant. However, if you can withhold yourself from drinking any alcohol whatsoever – this would be even better. Being sober will keep your mind clear, your mood bright and your image mysterious, until the end of the night. Moreover, it is healthy and ladylike.

Behavior tips

8. Don’t fix your makeup in public

No one wants to know or see how you make yourself attractive. Your man probably thinks that you woke up this way and that everything you have is totally natural. Don’t ruin this beautiful illusion! Let him think you are effortlessly gorgeous and he is the luckiest guy to have you next to him. If you need to fix your makeup, use lady’s room. Don’t do it in public!

9. Never say to your man that he’s not romantic anymore 

We all love mystery and surprise, and who doesn’t? But don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t bring flowers or a gift for you on a date, as he used to do when you, guys, first met. Your partner is not a clairvoyant. He is not supposed to mind-read all your wishes. Praise your man for everything he does for you, appreciate and compliment him, and he will go out of his way to make you happy.

10. Avoid being too talkative

The stories like “My day: From Sunrise to Sunset” are an absolute no-no for a romantic date together. Long stories loaded with all the juicy details can become a real burden to a man’s ears and mind. Often, guys don’t even realize what part of your story is of real importance and which part is just a filler. So, they will listen to every single word you say. Thus, it’s your responsibility to be careful with your words, and remember that a real lady should have some kind of a mystery around her anyway. Is there a better way to remain mysterious than to stay cool and silent, while keeping an expressive smile and languishing look?

We hope these tips will help you spend an incredible night out with the love of your life.

Stay smart, healthy and beautiful!

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