Getting over a long term relationship can be really hard. If you’re still not over yours and feel as though you never will be, join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at 10 super helpful tips.

Nothing breaks you quite like the end of a long term relationship. You gave your all for the relationship: It was an emotional roller coaster, and now that it’s all over, you feel drained, lost and helpless. Life can seem really bleak at this point. The person who once told you that you were everything to them now doesn’t seem to care about you at all. You’ve somehow got to pick up the pieces, be positive, brave and solider on with life, even though it seems utterly impossible right now. We understand that it’s hard. Anyone who has reached the end of a long term relationship knows how tough it is. We’ve all been through the same emotional wringer, worried about out future that now looks so grey and confused. But time really is a great healer. Getting over this hard period can be done. Here are 10 super helpful tips on how to get over a long term relationship:

Give Yourself Some Time To Mourn

If you believe in such things as karma and positive and negative energy, you’ll understand that human beings have the ability to expel the latter if they really wish. In other words, if you’re filled with negative energy right now, you can release it. It’s like when people have “pent-up” energy that they need to release by running, working or doing any other physical activity. It’s the same for you right now. There will be a lot of sadness and grief stored up inside you. But it’s so important that you don’t bottle it and keep it bubbling over for a rainy day. You need to release it now.

So one of very helpful tips on how to get over a long term relationship is to give yourself some time to mourn. Don’t ignore your feelings and try to move on without pouring out your grief. Doing that means it will come out at a later date in unexpected ways. It will make it hard for you to move on.

Eat Healthily

It’s important that you keep eating healthily during this time, as so-called “comfort food” that is supposed to make you feel better can actually end up making you feel much, much worse. As well as the mental realisation that you’re pigging out on junk, comfort food can also cause you to gain weight, which can affect your self-esteem. Moreover, the bad fats in junk food can also trigger depression and exacerbate your sadness.

Whatever you do, try to stay positive by eating the right things.

Use Small Victories To Measure Your Progress

It’s normal to feel totally lost and helpless after the end of a long term relationship. You and your partner were a team. Now that they’ve gone, it’s hard for you to get to terms that there are things you need to do by yourself. You need to learn how to cook without them around you, fix things, go to the cinema, and just generally do stuff. At first, you probably want to shut yourself off from the world and curl up. You don’t want to face real life. Well, you probably won’t even want to get out of bed.

But one of good tips on how to get over a long term relationship is to use small victories to measure your progress. Each time you accomplish a small victory – be it going back to work, seeing your friends again, redecorating your room – use it to motivate yourself for progress.

Sleep Lots

This is another important tip on how to get over a long term relationship. We know it can be hard to sleep after a breakup, as our tears can keep us awake at night. But it’s important that you go to bed at a good hour, so that you give yourself the best chance of getting as much sleep as possible. Sleep can help to calm down your anxieties. And as they say, everything always looks a lot better after a good night’s rest.

Return To Your Hobby

What were your biggest passions before you got into a long-term relationship? Return to at least one now that you have some free time and immerse yourself in it.

Take This Time To Learn Your Lessons

You absolutely should spend time mourning for what you’ve lost. But after you have mourned, you should then spend time analysing what this relationship has taught you. What can you do differently in your next relationship to make it work?

Do Things That Make You Feel Good

This is one of the most useful tips on how to get over a long term relationship. A lot of us are really hard on ourselves during a breakup. We wallow in self-loathing and pity, and do things that make us feel even worse. It’s almost as though – subconsciously at least – we want to play the role of victim and want sympathy from others. But peoples’ patience is remarkably thin. It won’t be long before they get tired of seeing you drowning in self-pity. It isn’t good for your own mental state either. Instead, it’s a much better idea to pick yourself up and do the things that you know will make you happy.

Go to fun places, have a good time and live your life. Get out of the house and try as much as normal to get on with your life.

Get Rid Of His Stuff

Some of us like to hold onto our ex partners stuff out of sentimentality and the vain hope that maybe he’ll come back one day. We also like the idea that a part of him is still here with us. But this prevents us from properly moving on, and it can stop us from healing. So the next tip on how to get over a long term relationship is to be strong and brave, and get rid of his stuff.

Give To Other People

You might be asking, “but I’m the one in pain here. Why should I give to other people?”

Giving to other people makes us happy. There is science behind this. When you lift other peoples’ spirits with small acts of kindness, their smiles and inner happiness spreads to you. It’s infectious. And when you give to those less fortunate, you also realise that – though your heart is aching right now and you deserve time to grieve – other people have had it much worse.

End All Communication

Our final tip on how to get over a long term relationship is to stop communicating with your ex. We know this last one is hard. You don’t want to break all contact. But one of you has to take the lead with this one. Otherwise, you’ll forever be plagued with “what if’s?” and you won’t be able to heal and move on with your life.

Do you have other tips on how to get over a long term relationship?

Stay happy!

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