10 Signs you have found The One

In the movies, you know when it’s the one, because the orchestra strikes up a romantic tune and the happy couple runs hand in hand along a deserted stretch of beach. For them, it’s easy, and wedded bliss, 3 children and his and her cars are just around the corner, guaranteed. For the rest us, though, being sure that this one is ‘The One’ is not quite so simple, so here are ten signs that show whether or not you are on the right track:

1. You talk about anything and everything

Married couples never run out of things to talk about and they talk about everything. You should be talking about the bigger picture by now. Things like children, plans for the future, and you should be singing from the same song sheet on these things.

2. He’s your best friend

There’s more to a long term relationship than ‘physicality’, this guy’s got to be your soul-mate too. If he really is the one, then you will have no problem going to him with any problem you have, because you know, first and foremost, he’s going to stand by you. He’s your best friend, as well as your lover.

3. You hate being apart

You should be able to spend time apart, no one wants to be totally reliant on another person, but you should both be really pleased when you get back together again as well. While you have to be apart sometimes, if he’s the one, then, neither of you will like being parted for too long.

4. You’re the first person to hear any news

When either of you has some exciting news, who’s the first person you call? Good or bad, if there’s important news to be shared, then the first person to share it with will be your partner, if you are close enough to be each other’s ‘one’.

5. You’ve learned how to compromise

It’s not only that you don’t always get your own way, it’s also that you don’t always want your own way, that counts. This means that your partner’s happiness is just as important to you as your own, and a compromise if a far better solution than a fight.

6. There is mutual trust

Do you trust your partner implicitly? When things are right and it is your Mr One, then trust just comes naturally and there isn’t even a tiny amount of doubt in your head about what your partner is up to behind your back.

7. There is a real chemistry between you

When couples are really into each other then they can barely keep their hands off each other. Touching is an important part of being close, so even in public. You can’t help but touch each other by holding hands or linking arms.

8. You balance each other out

Everyone has their own skill sets; some things they’re good at and some things they’re not. The perfect couples feel like they are made for each other and they balance one another beautifully, their different skills and attributes combine together to make one perfect team.

9. When you feel at your lowest, the one you want to be with is your partner

When we are feeling down, then we want to be in a place where we feel safe and at home. If that place, for you, is at your partner’s side, then that’s a sign that you feel a sense of trust in that person that you don’t feel with other people, which is something to be cherished.

10. You just know that, this time, its right

Sometimes, the best instinct we have is our gut instinct. When you get that feeling, deep down inside, that your partner is the one, then the chances are that you are right. Just don’t let infatuation be mistaken for love and, if you do have doubts, then listen to them. Doubts are gut instincts too.

What are other signs that two people are made for each other?

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 22, 2014 at 2:12 am

    love it!

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