10 Signs There Is No Time For A Relationship In Your Life, At Least For Now

It’s never a good idea to get into a relationship when you don’t have the time. In this article, we take a look at the 10 signs there is no time for a relationship in your life, at least for now.

In 2017 and many of us are busier than ever. We have no time to go to the gym, no time to cook our own meals … and no time for a relationship.

It sounds crazy and it might have our grandparents telling us to get our act together! But it’s the way of the modern world now that more and more of us have careers or are super busy with school. We might want a relationship, but we just don’t have the time. And if we decide to squeeze a relationship into our busy schedule, it’s really not fair on the other person:

“So, do I get to see you this year?”

“I can fit you in in 2019.”

If you’re thinking of starting a new relationship with someone but are just not sure you’ve got the time, here are 10 signs that you haven’t.

You’ve Not Even Got Time For Your Housemates

You return home from school or work and you head straight up the stairs to your room, desperate that no one in your house will notice you and ask you to talk. You don’t want to get seen. You just want to get to your room because you have SO. MUCH. TO. DO.

If you’ve not even got the time to say a quick Hello to your housemates, it’s a sign that you’re busy. And especially too busy for a relationship!

And you know what will happen. You’ll be sitting through the date thinking about all that stuff you still have to do when you get home.

You’re Always Living In The Future

Each time you go for a walk (if you even have the time to go out for a walk), what do you usually think of? Do you admire the azure blue sky, the faint aroma of flowers and the beautiful silence?

Or are your thoughts always on your work and what still needs to be done that day?

If you’re always thinking about the future and what needs to be done, it’s a sign that you’re too busy. Try instead to cut down on your tasks and practice mindfulness – the art of being at One with the present.

You Haven’t Taken A Day Off For Ages

Not only haven’t you taken a day off for ages, you also can’t even remember when it was!

“I think it was last Tuesday … no wait, I was working last Tuesday … was it the Monday before then? … or wait, was it last month … OH WAIT IT WAS BEFORE CHRISTMAS O.M.G!!”

Not cool.

If life has got to the point where you can’t even remember when you last took a day off, the last thing you should be thinking about is starting a new relationship. Instead, you’ve gotta focus on taking a day off first!

Baby steps.

You’re Always Exhausted In The Evening

During the day when you’re at your most energetic, perhaps you start to entertain the possibility that you could start dating.

But as soon as 5PM swings around, you’re dead on your feet. And this happens every singe day.

You’ve not got the energy to switch the channels over, let alone meet someone for a date!

Nobody Invites You Out Anymore

The guy who asked you out on a date was the first guy who’s invited you to do anything for ages. Your friends and family stopped asking a while ago. Not because they’re bored of you or you smell, but because they know you always say No. You’re just too busy.

If this is the case, maybe it – like many other things on this list – should act as a wake-up call that maybe it’s time you streamlined your life so that you’re a lot less busy.

You Love It When People Cancel

Imagine if you’d arranged to meet a guy for a date and he cancelled. Would you be sad and frustrated?

Or would you be ECSTATIC because it now means you can do other stuff that really needs doing instead?

You’re Never Spontaneous Anymore

You wanted to go out this morning and just catch a train to anywhere and you came close to doing it. The sun was out and you really felt like going with the flow.

But then you remembered the amount of stuff you have to do and so stayed in instead.

If you’ve no time to be spontaneous, you’ve probably not got the time to date a guy.

You Combine Eating With Something Else

You know how it is. You’ve got lots of emails to reply to, but you’re also hungry and really need to eat something. So what do you do? You eat while you reply! It’s a genius idea and it’s one you fall back on each day.

Meanwhile, at breakfast time you take bites of your toast in-between feeding the cats, washing the dishes and doing your hair.

It sounds like your multitasking and winning at life.

But it also shows that you’re just too busy for dating. And if you did go on a date, would you chat to the guy while finishing off a report?

“Well, that does sound like a good idea!”


You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Busy people who catch just 4-5 hours of sleep a night aren’t generally people who have open schedules to slot new tasks into. Usually, they’re so busy that they just can’t find the time to sleep.

And if they could, they’d go 24 hours without a wink of sleep.

You Really Don’t Wanna Get Out Of Bed

We should all be seized with excitement at the prospect of starting a new day. But if you’re the opposite and literally can’t face another day crammed with stuff to do, it’s a surefire sign that you’re just too busy to fit a man in there.

Before you start dating again, take a look at your daily routine. Is there something of low value that you could cut down on? Or cut out altogether?

Stay happy!

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