10 Signs that your man is faithful

It’s not unusual to have doubts about whether or not a man is being faithful. After all, you hear so many stories about how other girls have had thought they had found the man of their dreams, only to discover that he had been cheating on behind her back. The danger is, though, if you let those doubts turn into mistrust, you could end up losing a perfectly good and faithful guy. If you are having those nagging doubts about your man, read these ten signs that your man is quite more than likely being 100% faithful.

1. He has no history of cheating

You can’t always judge a person on what they have done in the past, but if he has never cheated before on anyone else, then there is no reason to suspect he is going to start now. People tend to have pretty fixed ideas of what is wrong and what is right, and they don’t usually change overnight.  Find out a bit more about his past relationships and find out if he has never cheated before, then that should put your mind at rest a bit.

2. He doesn’t have a bad case of the roving eye

All guys will take a look if a drop dead gorgeous girl walks into a room, that’s only human nature, but there is a big difference between an admiring glance and lecherous stare! You will know if your man’s eyes are all cover other women, because you will catch him doing it sometimes. If you haven’t, then that’s a good sign that he simply isn’t all that interested in other girls.

3. His friends seem to know about you

If a guy is being faithful, he would have told his friends all about you and they will know who you are when you meet them for the first time. If they look a bit surprised to see you, that’s when you have to start getting worried, because that might mean that your man does have a secret to hide.

4. He’s been open about everything else

If he talks openly to you about his past and what he’s been doing, and he’s pretty much and open book, then it is very likely that he’s being totally honest with you about everything. People who are open about one thing are usually open about everything.  It takes practice to become a liar, so you will probably have doubts about other things he has said if he really has been cheating.

5. He doesn’t hide his phone or his computer

If he is being faithful, then he won’t have any hesitation in letting you answer his phone or look at his computer because he has nothing to hide from you. You’ll also find his phone lying around the place, because he isn’t worried about you seeing his text messages. We are not suggesting that you should check his messages; the fact that he doesn’t care if you see them should be enough to put your mind at rest.

6. His friends are in solid relationships

You can tell a lot about a guy by who he hangs around with. If his friends seem to be in solid relationships themselves, then they wouldn’t approve of you man if he was serial cheater and nor would their girlfriends. People make friends with people who share the same values so, if his friends appear to be trustworthy, then your boyfriend probably is too.

7. He never disappears

You can’t keep tabs on a boyfriend 24/7 and nor should you try to, but if he usually answers the phone or gets straight back to you when you call, then that’s a sign that he’s not cheating. If he has a habit of just disappearing and there seems to be no reasonable reason why, then your concerns about him may well be valid.

8. He gave you a key to his place

He’s not going to give you a key to his place if he thinks that there is any danger of you bursting on him when he’s got someone else with him. He won’t give you the key, even if he is staying away from home and you don’t know about it, because you could still turn up unexpectedly and find out that he’s not in. If you have the key to his place, it’s because he trusts you and he has nothing at all to hide from you.

9. He’s hot for you

To put it bluntly, a guy is not going to be all over you if he is getting his fun somewhere else. If he is cheating, then he will probably pull apart from you a bit and you will notice that a lot of the passion in your relationship has gone.

10. Your instinct tells you that he’s not cheating

Many people who have been cheated on will tell you that the signs were all there, but they didn’t take any notice of them. All of the above are signs that he is not cheating on you, but the best guide of all will be your own heart and intuition. The question that you have to ask yourself is: do you really think that he could cheat on you, or could it be that you are just being a little bit paranoid? Only you can answer that one.

Stay happy!

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