10 Clear Signs That You Are Falling In Love

You think you might be in love, but how can you know for sure?

They say that love is the most powerful emotion. But love can also be the most confusing emotion. How do we really know when we’re falling in love for someone instead of just really liking them?

Love is the most wonderful of all emotions. When we feel ourselves falling in love with someone, we have to catch ourselves and ask if it’s really true. It’s an exciting emotion that takes our breath away. We feel happy but, until we know for sure how we truly feel, we can’t get too carried away. After all, what we think is love could be a temporary infatuation, or it could be a prolonged giddiness because someone is treating us so nicely.

It’s a confusing time. You’ve probably mulled over your feelings day and night, and perhaps you’re wondering how he is feeling too. Are both feeling the real thing? If you’re unsure but are keen to find out, let’s take a look at the ten clear signs that you are falling in love.

They Get To Hear About Your Big News First

You’ve got some rather big news that you can’t keep to yourself. You’re bursting with excitement and need to tell someone.

Who do you want to tell first?

If it’s your boyfriend, there’s a good chance that you’re in love with him.

When our boyfriend become the person we want share exciting things with first, it often means that they’ve shifted position from being a mere friend who gets to know all about our news eventually, to the special person who gets to know all about our news before it’s even gone public. They get the world premiere.

You Begin To Put Them First

One of the best things about being single is that you get to put your needs first before anyone else. If you want to stay up late watching movies, you can do it without worrying that you’re disturbing someones sleep pattern.

And you love this kind of freedom.

But now that you’re with a guy you love, a funny thing has happened – you’re putting his needs first. And you don’t mind at all!

If this sounds like you, it’s a surefire sign that you’re falling in love.

Your Ex Is Well And Truly In The Past

When you start dating for the first time after a sad breakup you didn’t really want to happen, it’s so easy to keep thinking about your ex. You wish they were still around.

You can’t stop thinking about them so much that you even end up talking about them to your date.

Even after a few dates, you still think about your ex. You still miss them and wish they were around.

Eventually, though, if you fall in love with a new man, your ex really will become your past. And when they finally call you after you’ve been wishing they would get in touch for SO long, you no longer feel anything. In fact, you let their call go to voice mail. You’re too busy enjoying the company of the new man in your life. The man you love.

You Argue But You Know It’s Not The End

All couples argue. But those who are deeply in love will always find a way to end the argument that benefits both parties. They also know that arguments are just a natural part of being in a relationship. They make up afterwards, apologise, forgive and forget.

He’s The Best Part Of Your Day

Your day has been okay, but you’ve just been working mostly. You saw a friend for coffee, but all you’re really waiting for is 9pm when you get to see your man.

If he is the best part of your day everyday and the one thing you look forward to more than anything else, it means that you’re probably a little bit (okay a whole lot) in love with him.

Things Remind You Of Them

Ever been sat on a subway, seen a movie poster and thought “oh my God, he would love this!”?

Or perhaps you’ve watched a film, visited an art exhibition or listened to a song and thought the same thing.

If so, it just shows that you’re on the level with him, and that you’re deeply connected. It also shows that you think of him often, and that you’re probably in love with him.

If things do remind you of him, let him know. It’s great when someone tells us that something made them think of us.

He Takes You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are willing to do things with him that you’d never have even entertained doing before, it’s another strong sign that you love him. You’re scared of doing these things, but you feel safe with him.

You Wish That Text Is From Them

Your phone’s just trilled. You’ve got a notification. Your heart beats faster, and you drop everything that you were doing to check who’s texted you. You really, REALLY hope that it’s him.

If the text is from him, you can’t help but grin. Especially when it’s an especially long message. You can’t wait to read it!

If the text is actually from your sister asking if you’ve seen her slippers, you can’t help but get angry. “NO I HAVEN’T SEEN YOUR SLIPPERS!!”

You’ve Got Loads Of Inside Jokes

Have you two ever giggled to death at one of your inside jokes while your friends just stared at you, as though you were both crazy? It’s funny. But they’re not necessarily thinking that the two of you are crazy – instead, they’re thinking that you’re both in love.

Yep, if you two get to the stage where you’ve got more inside jokes than you’ve ever had outside jokes, it’s a strong sign that you’ve bonded so much that you’ve fallen in love without even realising it. You’ve got the same sense of humour, and you’ve spent so much time together that you now have jokes that no one else could understand. You’re like a secret sect – a loved-up secret sect.

You’re Thinking Long Term

You’ve already started to plan next years’ vacation, as well as explored the possibility (in your head at least) of getting a house with him. And if you’ve pictured what it would be like to raise kids together, that’s pretty much the biggest sign yet that you’ve fallen for him.

Stay happy!

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