10 Signs that he is trustworthy

If you’re having trouble trusting a guy, how are you supposed to know whether it’s because of something he’s done or, if it’s you who have trust issues? Read the 10 signs that your guy is worth trusting:

He’s honest…even when you don’t want to hear it

Sometimes people will tell you something, just because it’s easier, but it takes far more courage to stand up to someone you care about. If a guy is willing to tell you, when he disagrees with you or he doesn’t like something you did, then you know you can trust him to tell the truth.

He doesn’t disappoint you

Remember that everyone makes mistakes, so you don’t have to blame him over every small thing, but, if it happens all the time and his excuses are not good enough, he’s not trustworthy. If you can’t trust him to come through on his claims, you won’t feel safe to go to him, when you need help.

He doesn’t hide his phone from you

If every time he texts, he tilts his phone away from you, if every time phone rings, he leaves the room before answering it and, if you go to touch his phone and he freaks out, those are all warning signs! He has the right to his privacy, of course, but being secretive is different. If you asked to borrow his phone, would he hand it to you and give you space, or would he dial the number for you and sit next to you, so he can take it back as soon, as you’re done? These kinds of actions are not the actions of a guy who has nothing to hide.

He acknowledges you on social media

It might sound weird and like a minor thing, but if a guy doesn’t want to acknowledge you on social media, there may be a reason for that – like he may be trying to come across as single.

You’ve met his friends

Friends are a big part of most people’s lives, so if he introduces you to his and they know every little thing about you, that means he talks about you, which also implies that you’re important to him.

He shows up on time

Some people aren’t good with showing up on time and it might be excusable every now and then, but if it becomes a regular habit, you might begin to feel like he doesn’t care, nor does he respect you enough. If this is the case for you, explain it to him, but don’t go off at him.

He trusts you

A classic move of untrustworthy people is trying to turn the tables back on you. If he’s always accusing you of being up to something, it might be because he is.

He’s relaxed

If he’s always edgy or distracted when you’re together, it might be that his mind is somewhere else. If a guy is into you, he’ll be relaxed, will be present and will listen to what you have to say.

He consults you

In a relationship, you should be a team. It depends, of course, on how long you’ve been together, whether you’re living together and other such factors; but he should be consulting you before making decisions that will affect you both. He should also be happy to keep you in the loop of his social activities. That’s not to say he can’t go anywhere without you but sending you a quick text to let you know where he’s going is just courtesy and a way to make you feel secure.

He opens up to you

Any good relationship is built on support of one another. He should tell you how he’s feeling, when he’s upset, when he’s concerned and when he’s scared. If he isn’t relying on your support, the relationship might not be strong enough. Of course, sometimes it’s hard for guys to open up, so remember to always encourage him and ask if there’s anything he wants to talk about. Never, under any circumstances, should you make him feel bad about opening up to you, because he’ll never do it again!

Now that you know the signs of a trustworthy guy, the last thing to remember is that trust goes both ways. Re-read the list with yourself in mind to find out if you’re a trustworthy girl!

What are other signs that he is trustworthy, on your opinion?

Stay happy!

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