10 Signs that a guy is ready to settle down and start a family

It’s rare when a man tells you that he’s 100% ready to be a father, because most men have reservations about taking on the huge responsibility of fatherhood. Becoming a father is the final step in the process of ‘settling down’ and it means that there can be no more rash decisions, no more wild partying and it means that finally, he’s going to have to step up the mark and start taking his responsibilities seriously. That’s how most men think, but then, there are the men who think that babies are just an unfortunate side effect of a careless night of fun. To make sure that your man isn’t in the ‘whoops, where did that come from’ group, here are ten signs that your guy might be ready to start a family, even if it’s not No.1 on his to do list today:

1. He’s fully committed to you

First sign that a guy is ready to settle down and start a family is when he is fully committed to you. A child is for life, not just a toy for Christmas, and the best place for a child to grow up is a stable family environment. We would not, for a moment, knock all the hard working, single mums and dads, who do a great job, but statistically, a child will do better growing up in the standard family unit. If you have any doubts about your man’s commitment to you, then the chances are that he’s not ready to be a husband and a father and, what’s worse, a child on the scene might even reduce that commitment further.

2. He’s good around other people’s children

Some people just don’t like children and the best way to see what kind of father your man will be is to gauge how he behaves around other people’s children. Men rarely go all soft over other people’s children, but if he’s the favourite uncle type, who gets down on the floor and plays with other people’s children, then the chances are, that he will make a great dad too.

3. He’s not quick to lose his temper

No matter how much you adore them, at times, you need to exercise patience with children. If your man has a fiery character and is quick to lose his temper, then children may not be the thing for him. Imagine what he will be like, when he is woken up the night again and again by a baby, and that will help you decide if he is ready to be a father or not.

4. He’s not too precious about his belongings

Kids break things, it’s what they do, and if your man is the type of person who wants everything in its rightful place, all clean and tidy and who goes ape if any of his beloved possessions are moved or broken, then children are going to be a big shock to him.

5. He is not the jealous type

Some men get jealous of their own children. When that little bundle of joy arrives, it’s going to take up a lot of your time and your affection. If your man is the kind of guy that wants your all your attention at all time and gets jealous, if you even talk to someone else, then he might be the type of guy who’s not going to like it, when he’s no longer the centre of attention all the time.

6. He’s good with the money

Next sign that a man is ready to settle down and start a family is when he is good with the money. Children are wonderful and they bring plenty of joy to their parents’ lives, but they also add big responsibilities, kids will sap money from your bank account like there is no tomorrow! Even when they are babies, they need food, diapers, clothes, toys, more diapers, a cot, a bed, and more diapers and, you need to be aware that they just keep on growing, so that what you bought last month doesn’t fit them anymore. If your man is good at looking after the money, he is responsible (response able) and good at planning the finances, then you can be confident that he will be able to cope with the money side of looking after his family and kids.

7. He is a family man

A good way to judge whether your man is ready to settle down and start his own family is how he behaves with your family and his own. If he is not comfortable in a family setting or gets bored and would rather be with his buddies, then you have to ask yourself, how is he going to cope with having a family of his own 24×7?

8. He is loving, kind and thoughtful towards you

Another sign that a man is ready to settle down and start a family is when he is loving, kind and thoughtful towards you. A husband and a father can’t be putting himself first all time, and a good indication of whether your man will be like this with his kids is how he treats you now. If he has demonstrated the ability to put your needs first and is loving, sensitive and kind to you, especially, when you are feeling unwell, for example, then he is not a selfish man and is most likely to be able to be like this with his kids too.

9. He takes responsibility seriously

When you have your own family and a child, you take on the hefty burden of the responsibility for other human lives. It’s a big step, and if your man doesn’t take his own responsibilities seriously now, will he be able to take his responsibilities as a husband and a father seriously?

10. He can appreciate simple things in life

Another sign that your man is ready to start a family is when he can take pleasure from the simple things in life. Bringing up a child is a wonderful experience. Sure, you have the tantrums, the mess, and the worries and the sleepless nights, but, if your man is the type who will take pleasure and pride from something as simple, as a child’s first step, then he is a man who is ready to be a father.

Do you think that there are some other signs whether a guy is ready to settle down and start a family? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay happy!


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