10 Signs That You Are Totally Over Your Ex

“Yeah, I’m totally over him now,” you say to your best friend over the phone. “It’s like he never even existed.”

“I’m so happy for you!” they say. “Should we go for some Chinese food tonight?”

“Yeah, sure. Jason and I used to love dim-sum.”

“Jason? I thought you were over him?”


“I didn’t say Jason. I said Jaysmine. Jasmine.”

“Who’s Jasmine?”

“You know! Jasmine. She um. She does my nails. Good old Jasmine. She does my nails and then we go out for dim-sum. Yes, we’re getting close.”

“We need to talk.”

Okay, getting over your ex is not easy at all, especially if they were the ones who ended things. It can take weeks for wounds to heal – sometimes even months. But how do you really know when you’ve finally moved on and can start dating other people without getting tearful when your new date turns up wearing the same jumper as your ex? Let’s take a look at 10 signs that you are totally over your ex.

You Don’t Feel Terrible When He Starts Dating Someone Else

When you first got word that he was dating someone else, perhaps you turned into a blubbering wreck who couldn’t leave the house in case you saw them together. Maybe things got so bad that you quit your job and moved to another country.

Then you had a meltdown when he and his new partner came for a holiday in your new country.

Now, though, you don’t feel bad at all, when you see him and his new partner together. In fact, a tiny part of you is even a little bit happy for him. Go you!

You Don’t Respond Instantly To His Texts Anymore

When you first broke up, you really missed him. You’d send him texts throughout the day in the vain hope of striking up a conversation. You wanted to hear from him to see how he was doing. And whenever he texted or emailed you, you replied instantly.

Even if you were in the middle of a job interview.

Now, though, you sometimes go days without replying. You even forget that he’s texted you until he gives you a reminder! Your heart doesn’t skip a beat when he rings you anymore, and sometimes you even ignore his calls because you’re too busy.

You Forget The Little Things

When you were with him, you used to love the little things. You loved the fact that you both had “your song,” and that you knew what his favourite drink was.

When you break up, these little things play on your mind. You think about your favourite song, and you dwell on not being able to drink his favourite drink because it reminds you of him.

As time passes, though, you forget all about these things. You play “your song” without even realising it has such strong connotations. You gulp down his favourite drink without even thinking about him.

You Finally Find Other Men Desirable

“I don’t WANT anyone else,” you told your friend while stomping your feet. “I only wanted HIM!”

Immediately after a breakup, it’s natural to deny that you could ever find any other man on the planet desirable ever again. If they’re not your ex, you don’t want to know. You don’t care if Ryan Gosling has just called you up, you’re not interested. He isn’t Bobby.

Months have passed, though, and you now realise that, actually, there are SO MANY attractive guys out there. Some of them even have better qualities than your ex! Who knew?!

You Throw Away His Gifts

There was NO WAY anyone was going to let you throw his gifts away after he broke up with you. You were going to sleep with them every night because it meant a part of him was still with you.

Now that it’s time to move house six months later, his stupid “gifts” are the first to go in the trash. You need space, after all.

You No Longer Read His Old Texts

It’s comforting to be able to read through his old texts when you’ve just broken up. They remind you of him and what a good time you had together. Although this can make you cry, it somehow consoles you for a while.

Eventually, you’ll stop reading his texts. They don’t interest you no more! You might even find yourself deleting some of them to make room in your inbox for new texts from that guy you quite fancy.

You Realise That Your Ex Was Actually Annoying

When you were with your ex, you found his “quirks” to be endearing and charming. You laughed at his weird sense of humour, and you thought the way he never bought any new trousers was actually kinda cool. He had principles. He was different – unique.

On reflection, though, you realise that these “quirks” are actually a little bit lame. His weird sense of humour just wasn’t funny at all, and the fact that he was thrifty with his money wasn’t cool – it was just pure thriftiness!

You Don’t Hate Him Anymore

Sometimes, when a relationship ends bitterly, we have a tendency to blame our ex for everything. Perhaps we’ll blame them for not being ready to commit, or we’ll hate them for having wasted two years of our life on them. This resentment festers for quite some time, and it’s easy to think you’ll never get over it.

With time, though, this hatred gives way to indifference, and eventually peace and harmony. You no longer blame him for the demise of your relationship; indeed, you realise that your breakup was probably for the best and it’s good to see that you’ve both managed to move on.

You Don’t Need To Remain Friends Anymore

We want to stay friends with ex’s because it gives us that emotional connection we still need. Going cold turkey just doesn’t work for many of us; if we couldn’t even remain friends with our ex, we really would be down in the dumps!

There comes a time, though, when you don’t even need to be friends anymore. Perhaps you’ve now gone six months without even texting him. Eventually, you need to find closure and subconsciously severing ties is a great way to do that.

You’re With Someone Else And It Doesn’t Feel Wrong

When you’re really struggling after a breakup, the thought of even cuddling someone else just feels so wrong. You can’t imagine it. It makes you feel horrible.

Now that you’re in the arms of someone else, it feels like the most natural thing in the world…

Stay happy!

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