10 Signs Of Fake Friends Who You Need To Avoid

You like nice people, right? Me too. I love nice people. Who doesn’t?

I take it you dislike fake people and try to avoid them as much as possible? Ditto. We’re the same, clearly.

But what happens when a nice person is actually a total fake, and is only pretending to be nice to court your favour for sinister reasons?

This isn’t cool. But the problem is that it isn’t always so easy to detect when a person is sincere and when they’re faking it.

You’d think a wolf in sheep’s clothing would come with many telltale signs, such as a fake moustache. But they don’t. They’re actually not all that easy to spot unless you know the signs.

So to help you out, let’s take a look at the 10 signs of fake nice people who you really need to avoid.

They Wear A Different Mask To Everyone

Your friend told you that she dislikes Maria, yet whenever you’re not around, she and Maria are best friends who do a lot of things together. Maria even knows her biggest secret. Yet she insists on telling you that she dislikes Maria because she knows you dislike Maria.

This is called people pleasing. In a strange desire to please everyone, your friend is being dishonest to someone. They are fake. They are “nice” – but it’s a fake nice.

They’re There For A Good Time Not A Long Time

Sure, many of us defiantly will say that we’re only here on earth for a good time and not a long time. But we’re usually just having a giggle.

However, if you ever notice that you’ve got a friend who always seems to be the first one to say “I’m in!” when you advertise a night out on the town with your squad, you should take care to note how often they are “in” when you really need them.

A real friend is someone who is there with you during the good times and the bad times. If you’ve got a friend who loves to drink and party with you but is suddenly “very ill” when you ask for their help, it’s a surefire sign that you’ve got a faker on your hands.

They Literally Never Criticise You

It’s not in their best interests to criticise you because they’re not a real friend. As such, it really doesn’t matter to the fake nice person that you don’t improve yourself. They just wanna be nice to you until you give them what you need.

Friends challenge each other. They call each other out on things and let each other know when they’ve done something wrong.

Fake people are not interested in all of that. To them, you’re a frigging angel who can do no wrong.

They Never Get Upset

If a person never gets upset or emotional, they’re either an android or a total fake.

A friendship between two people is often volatile, and there will be downs to go along with the ups. When we’re friends with someone, we invest a lot of ourselves in that friendship. We get high and get low. We laugh, we get frustrated, and sometimes we even cry.

It’s because we care. If you’ve got a friend who doesn’t seem to have any emotional investment in your relationship at all, it’s probably because it doesn’t actually mean all that much to them.

Your Gut Doesn’t Like Them

We’re always told to trust out gut instinct. What’s yours saying about your friend?

Sometimes, we can sense when a person is faking it, and often it’s our first impressions of their motives that set the alarm bells ringing. But because they’re just so nice, we ignore these early bells.

Instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt, listen to your gut. It’s probably right.

They’re Never Available

Am I saying that real people are available on tap? Yes!

Realness is a person nipping around to your house for a coffee and a chat when you text them.

Fake-ness is when you can’t get a response from them after a week despite constantly texting.

If a person is absent too often, it’s a sign that you don’t matter all that much to them.

Basically, if they feel that replying to you offered them any kind of advantage, they would reply. If they aren’t getting anything out of this, replying to you will be put on the back burner. You can wait.

Their Stories Don’t Add Up

Fake people tell lies. This surely won’t surprise you, but you need to be on your guard because even real people tell white lies every now and then.

The kind of lies fake people spin are usually about how they can’t see you tonight or help you et cetera. But if you’re savvy enough, you’ll be able to catch them out.

They Want To Know Your Secrets

Your secrets are your own personal business and you’re under no obligation to share them with anyone, except maybe your soul mate.

But a fake person wants to know all your secrets, and not because they want to offer you advice and help you out. It’s because they want your secrets to entertain them. They want them to be so hilarious and shareable that they can tell other people about them!

They Never Invite You To Things

Your friend has got a networking event coming up, and it’s one which you know you’d be interested in.

But for whatever reason, they don’t invite you. Again. They never invite you, and you’re used to it. But why do they never invite you? It’s likely because they’re fake.

Fake people are nice to you when it suits them to be so. They want you to invite them to events and nights out that benefit them. But when it’s their “turn” to return the favour, they don’t bother. And they hope you don’t ask them to invite you out.

They Don’t Really Have Your Best Interests At Heart

All your real friends have agreed that you should change career and pursue your dream of becoming a business owner. But your fake friend is either totally indifferent or pours cold water on your dreams – especially if it isn’t going to benefit them in any way. They’re not even remotely pleased for you.

Stay happy!

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