10 Signs of a good friend

Some people we think are friends are acquaintances at best. Some are simply users at worst. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 signs of a good friend.

Life wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without our friends. Friends are those we got drunk with the first time. They helped us through our hangover. Friends are those who come over at 1am to rescue from a spider while giggling at us. Friends are those who we go on vacation with, watch Netflix with, confide in, laugh with and grow old together with. Genuine friends are hard to come by. People drift in and out of your life, but friends remain until the end. They’ll be at your wedding, and they’ll be at your funeral (or vice versa). But with so many users in this world, how do we really know when we’ve got a true friend? Let’s take a look at how to tell if someone is genuinely a friend or 10 signs of a good friend.

You Can Spend Lots Of Time Apart But It Feels Natural When You Meet Up Again

Life gets in the way sometimes. That friend who you were inseparable from back in college? You barely seem them anymore. Does it mean they’re no longer your friend? Does it mean you weren’t that close to begin with? Absolutely not. Life gets in the way. There will be times when you have to spend months – maybe even years – apart from someone. But a true measure of your friendship and how genuine it is is what it’s like when the two of you meet up again. Is it awkward? Have you nothing to talk about? Is there a period of readjustment? Or does it feel like the two of you were never apart? Does it feel as natural as slipping on a glove? True friends can spend time apart without anything really changing. It always feels right, it’s one of signs of a good friend.

A Genuine Friend Forgives

You always know you’ve got a genuine friend when they forgive and forget. They understand that we all make mistakes. They don’t bear grudges, but are prepared to move on for the sake of the friendship. They also expect the same of you, too.

They’re With Us In The Present Moment

Ever hung out with those friends who are present but not really present? You know the type: You’re talking to them about your problems, and the whole time they seem distracted. They’re playing with their phone, messing with their hair, or flitting in and out of the room. Genuine friends are present with us. They properly listen to us, rather than pretend to listen. They take in what we say, ask us questions and help us solve our issues. Being present with someone isn’t all that hard, but so many people fail at this one.

They’ll Be There In An Emergency

This is another one of clear signs of a good friend. You can always weed out the non-true friends when an emergency comes along. They’ll be the flakers – the ones who suddenly have something to do.

“Sure, I’d drive you to the airport but …”

You know the type.

The genuine friends? They’ll pick up the phone at 3am and be ready to help you out quicker than the fire rescue service.

They Don’t Judge You

Flashed your butt at spring break? Got a new angel tattoo that covers your whole back? While some friends might look at you with disgust, genuine ones don’t judge. They love our weird and wonderful quirks, it’s another one of clear signs of a good friend.

They Support And Encourage You

In a world of critics and naysayers, we count on our friends to be encouragers. We count on them to support us, and to tell us to go and chase our dreams. Don’t neglect looking at these signs of a good friend.  If you’ve got a ‘friend’ who constantly pours cold water on your dreams and tells you not to even try, you should be concerned. Genuine friends don’t hold us back – they push us forward. They might voice one or two concerns, but they’ll support us no matter what. They’ll tell us to make big goals and see them through, and they’ll do what they can to help us. And the best thing? When we do eventually achieve success, they’ll be the happiest of everyone.

They Disagree With Us

You must always be wary of people who agree with everything you say. These sycophants don’t have your best interests at heart. Instead, they’re probably trying to keep on your good side in order to get something from you. Genuine friends don’t let us get away with stuff. If we’re wrong, they’ll have no problem calling us out. If they disagree with us, they’ll let us know.

They Prioritise Us

Hey, life gets in the way sometimes. We’ve already said that. And although life can sometimes get so in the way that it’s physically impossible to see someone for a while, there are occasions when, yeah, life gets in the way – but if we just made the extra effort, we’d still be able to see our friends.

Genuine friends make sure they can see their pals, even when they are short on time. Married? Got kids? They’l find the time for you. They make sure that, whatever is going on in their lives, if there is a will, there is most certainly a way, and it’s another one of clear signs of a good friend.

They Help You Move Out

This one is a rule: A friend isn’t really a friend unless they help you move out. Come moving day, you know who is genuine and who’s a faker. All of a sudden, the fakers don’t read your FB messages or pick up the phone. They know what you want, and they’re going dark! Your true friends? Hey, they’ll even offer to help you move!

You Feel Good Around Them

Lastly, one of signs of a good friend is someone you feel good around all the time. They fill your life with happiness and positivity. Where others bring you down, they lift you up. They always know how to cheer you up, and they never have any negative vibes to send your way.

More than anything, you look forward to seeing them.

Do you know other signs of a good friend? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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