10 Signs He’s Your Soulmate

Think you’ve met your soulmate and would love us to confirm your feelings? In this article, Beauty and Tips is only too happy to confirm, with 10 signs that he’s definitely the One.

It’s so exciting when you think you’ve finally found your soulmate. Going on the first date with him was exciting enough, and so were those first tingles of love. But when you realise that he actually could be the one you were destined to spend your whole life with? Nothing beats that feeling.

All our lives we dream of finding the One: That special guy who we connect with on a deeper emotional, spiritual and physical level than anyone else we’ve ever connected with before. It’s like they can read our thoughts before we speak. It’s like we were born to be with them.

Even if you didn’t believe in soul mates before, there is always that one special person who comes along and has you believing in destiny and fate. And now you’ve finally met yours.

So grab yourself some coffee, keep grinning, let your heart keep beating wildly…and read our checklist of the 10 signs he’s your soulmate.

He Makes You Feel Good

More than anything else, it’s important that your soulmate makes you feel good about yourself.

If there are times when he makes you feel lousy, it’s a sign that he isn’t your soulmate.

If, however, he encourages you, speaks highly about you all the time, and always makes you feel awesome, it’s one of clear signs he’s your soulmate.

You Just “Get” One Another

Ever hung around people who you just don’t gel with? Maybe there have been colleagues who you could never hit it off with. Or maybe there have been dates where there has been an odd sense of disharmony.

And then there are the people you just click with right away. Your best friends, for example.

But no one – and we mean no one – gets you the way he does.

Moreover, no one gets him the way you do!

You both get each other’s quirks and weirdness on a more profound level than anyone else ever could. It’s like no one has ever understood you this way before. And he says the same of you.

If you’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider, he’s the one who’s coming along and brought you inside.

He’s Your Best Friend

A lot of the time, when a relationship ends, we either stay friends with them or we become like strangers.

We don’t become best friends.

If you know that, were you two to part, you would still remain best friends forever (BFF’s!), it’s one of strong signs he’s your soulmate.

It’s The Two Of You Versus The World

All this time it’s felt like you versus the world. You’ve had to fight your own battles, stick up for yourself, pick yourself up when you’ve felt down, and overcome everything life has thrown at you.

There’s rarely ever been anyone else by your side, and you’ve never felt the need for someone else to be on your team.

But now he’s here, ready to take on the world with you. It really feels like you’re on a team. You’ve got his back and he’s got yours.

You feel safe with him by your side, and you get the feeling that you could go into any battle with him and win.

Moreover, there’s even the feeling that you’re both prepared to die for each other. This is another one of clear signs he’s your soulmate.

You’re Relaxed About Things

He’s your soulmate, and you’re so content with that, that there is no need to rush anything. You’re just happy laying in his arms, burrowing your head in his chest and drifting off into your own little world together.

There’s no need to rush. You know he’s always going to be there. It’s bliss.

You Know You Are Both 100% Loyal

Trust is important in any relationship, but sometimes it’s not so easy to have trust all the time. When our partners are out all night long, doubts and worries can creep in.

So one of good signs he’s your soulmate is that you 100% trust him. You know he’s never going to betray you and break your heart. It’s an intuition, a feeling, and you know it isn’t wrong.

You also know that you would never betray him. In fact, you wouldn’t do anything that could hurt him.

He’s Always Your Number One Priority

Maybe when you guys first started dating he wasn’t your number one priority. Maybe there were even times when you cancelled a date, or turned up mega late to dinner because your priorities were all over the place.

Now, though, he’s always your number one priority. Whenever you make plans, you think of him first. Before you plot a weekend out with the girls, you make sure he’s going to be okay without you. If you’re asked to stay late at work and earn a bit more money, you decline because you’re meeting him tonight.

You Both Want The Same Future

There are no arguments about the future. He wants what you want and vice versa. There’s a mutual understanding as to where you’re both heading together. It’s one of sure signs he’s your soulmate.

He’s So Supportive

Your soulmate must be someone who supports you in whatever you do. In a world of critics, he’s your biggest cheerleader who encourages you to dream big, and to follow those dreams.

He isn’t the one who tells you that you shouldn’t try something because you’ll fail, or because there isn’t enough money. He believes in you more than you believe in yourself, and he’s going to lift you to the sky and tell you to aim for the stars.

He’s your supporter who will always be there to prop you up.

His Passion Rubs Off On You

As well as showing incredible support for you and your dreams, your soulmate is passionate about life, and his passion rubs off on you.

In other words, his energy makes you want to be the best you can be. You’re inspired by him, and his passion and positivity encourages you to achieve all that you want to achieve.

Being with him has meant that you’ve grown so much. You’ve grown in ways you never expected!

Do you know other signs he’s your soulmate?

Stay happy!

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