10 Signs he loves you, even if he never said this

If you are not sure whether your man really loves you, it could just be because he’s not very good at expressing his emotions. Don’t panic, just because he doesn’t say ‘I love you’ too often, it’s probably just because he finds those particular words hard to say. Here are ten other ways that a man will express his love for you, even if he can’t say the magic words.

1. He wants to know more

A good sign that a man is really in love is when he wants to know how your day went and he wants to learn more about you. This is not just a simple, ‘hey, how was your day?’, he really cares that you had a good day and he wants to hear all about it.

2. When he asks you a question, he listens to the answer

Another good sign is that he really does value your opinion on things. He wants to have your approval and he doesn’t want to take decisions without getting your opinion first. That means that he cares about including you in his plans for the future and really does care about what you think.

3. He instinctively protects you

When he is checking the road for traffic when you cross, he’s not looking out for himself, he’s looking out for you. He probably doesn’t even realise that he’s doing it, but he’s taking on the role of protector and that’s because he loves you.

4. He treats you like a lady

Chivalry hasn’t gone completely out of fashion and if your man loves you, he will want to treat you like a lady. He will want to be on his best behaviour all the time and show you the respect that a lady deserves. If he didn’t really care about you, he wouldn’t even try to behave like a gentleman.

5. You can’t stop him talking!

When a guy really loves you, you won’t be able to stop him talking! Men don’t open up very easy, but when they do, that is a sign of trust and of true affection. He’s going to be telling you everything that there is to know about his past and all about what his plans are for the future.

6. He starts saying ‘we’

When you notice that he uses the word ‘we’, far more than he uses the word ‘I’, then you know that he is hooked. He is now including you in all his plans for the future and he is hoping that you are going to be around the share them with him.

7. He makes the first move to end a fight

Men don’t like losing, but when they fall in love, they will even back down from a fight, if the fight is with you. They would rather lose face, than lose you, and that is important signal that man is sending you.

8. He doesn’t stay mad at you for long

It won’t take long for him to forgive you, especially if he loves you. Fights will happen but, when they do, he will want to end it quickly. He may pretend to be mad at you for a while, but it won’t be long before he wants to see that smile on your face again.

9. He makes you his priority

A man in love will also make, what his friends would think, some very strange decisions! He will sit and watch a romantic comedy, even if the big game is on the other channel, and he might even let you decorate the home the way you want. Just don’t tell his buddies he is doing it, or he may change his mind about the frail patterns in the lounge.

10. Come on! You know it really!

Sometimes, two people just kind of click. These signs that we have listed here are just the icing on the cake. What really counts is what you know in your heart. Men are really not that great at saying the words, but when he does love you, you will know.

What are other signs he loves you without saying it?

Stay happy!

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