10 Seemingly small, yet big things that are affecting your relationship

Are you damaging your relationship with habits and subconscious things that you do and don’t even realize it? If you are, then you won’t be the first person to who have been stunned to find out that not only do these little things annoy your partner, they could be causing real damage to your relationship. Read on to find ten little things that are much bigger than you think and might be affecting your relationship:

1. You always avoid a fight

You might have thought that this is a good thing. A couple that never argues, what could be wrong with that? No two people can agree on everything, all the time. If you never fight, then the chances are that you are not communicating properly and one, or both of you, are just storing things up which, at some point, will explode.

2. You play games to test your partner

You shouldn’t need your partner to prove his love and what you think are innocent games designed to test his love will eventually begin to annoy him. Throwing a tantrum, just to get a reaction, or pretending to be upset to get some attention, will soon get on his nerves and he will begin to ignore it.

3. You answer with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’

Do you answer his questions with a blunt, yes or no? That’s an instant conversation killer, so try and open up a discussion with your partner and communicate properly. Eventually, single syllable answers will just encourage your partner to stop trying to communicate with you and it will push him away.

4. Refusing to talk about it

Avoiding discussions altogether is also a way to drive a wedge in-between you and your partner. It might feel easier to shout: ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ but, sometimes, even the most unpalatable of topics are best got out into the open.

5. Nagging

Nagging and nit-picking is something that many people do without even realizing it. You might think that it’s playful but, the reality is that if you are always picking holes in what he says or does, then he is going to get bored and begin to not take what you say seriously.

6. Your overly dependent

True enough, men like to be the protector and the provider, but don’t go too far with this. Whatever else you’ve read, men like you to be independent too, so go out there and succeed on your behalf. The ‘I can’t live without you’ cliché only works in the movies.

7. You take things for granted

Another tip on how to keep a healthy relationship is – don’t take anything for granted, even if you have been with your partner for a long time. Don’t assume that he knows that you love him, nor assume that he likes staying in every night. How many times have you heard ‘I don’t understand, I thought he was happy’.

8. You still spend money like a single person

Money is the biggest cause of relationship breakdowns that there is. Don’t assume that all the money in the joint account is yours to spend on the things that you like. Communicate about money, it’s a shared resource in a partnership and you will both have ideas of what of best to spend it on.

9. You don’t let him have his open space in the home

You may well like your home to be spick and span all the time, but your partner needs a bit of space too. Let him have his own room, shelf or even a drawer! Just anywhere that he can call his own, where he can have things the way that he wants them.

10. You belittle him in front of other people

Never put your partner down in front of other people, especially your own family. Little things that you share at home are not always for sharing outside of the home. The home is where your partner can relax and he doesn’t want all his private habits to become public knowledge.

Do you have some other tips on how to have a happy relationship? Feel free to share your advice on relationships in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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