10 Rules to follow if you are getting back with your ex

Have you been thinking of dating your ex again? There’s nothing wrong with that, and giving it a second chance often does work out. But there can also be a lot of baggage that can get in the way of it ever being a success again, so read these ten rules to bear in mind, if you do decide to give it a go:

1. Don’t rush things

Make sure that you are not rushing into things too quickly. You’ve been here before, remember? So take your time, before you jump right back into a full blown relationship with him again.

2. Remind yourself why it didn’t work before

Before you getting back with your ex and commit to anything, think carefully about the reasons why it didn’t work before. Analyse the reason carefully, you need to remember those reasons in order that you can avoid making the same mistakes twice.

3. Talk openly about your feelings

Many breakups are due to a lack of communication, so if you are going to try again, then make sure that you both talk openly to each other about what happened the first time around. There is no need to dwell on the past, but it is always best to be aware of it.

4. Then put the past in the past and turn that page

Once you are getting back with your ex and moving forward together again, whatever happened in the past should be left there. This is probably one of the biggest rules of dating your ex, because constant bringing up of bad memories will instantly put a strain on what should be a new chapter in the relationship.

5. Do things differently

Don’t try and recreate the past relationship when you are getting back with your ex, try doing new and different things together. Go to different restaurants and bars or take up new hobbies. That way, it will seem a lot more like a brand new start.

6. Don’t ask questions about what happened, in between

When you are getting back with your ex, don’t quiz him on what he did or who he was with, while you were apart. You may both have dated other people, but that is your own business. Talking about other relationship may cause unexpected hurt and it could even feel like your partner has been cheating, even though you were apart.

7. Tell your friends and family what is happening

Tell people that you know that you are getting back together or there could be some very awkward months, when you met them. You might have said some pretty awful things about your ex, when you split, so make sure your friends know that you are together again, so they know how to behave when then you see you together.

8. Be prepared for some criticism and stick to your guns

You will be the talk of the town for a while, when you are getting back with your ex, or at least in your circle of friends. They might even advise you against trying again, but remember that it is your decision and, if your mind is made up, don’t let them change it for you.

9. Treat it only as a trial

Remember that this is a new relationship, not a continuation of the old. That can be hard to do, but you are assessing if this relationship can work, just as you would with someone new. Treat it as a trial period only and be just as prepared to call it quits, as you would with someone new, if it doesn’t work out.

10. Make sure that this is what you both want

Getting back with your ex can sometimes just be the easy option, not what you really want. Take it steady and be sure that you are both getting back together for the right reasons. Remember, you can find yourself missing an unsightly wart on your hand, but you wouldn’t really want it back now, would you?!

Do you have some other dating tips on getting back with your ex?

Stay happy!

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