10 Rules for a true beautiful friendship

It’s easy to take a friendship for granted and, like any relationship, a friendship needs work and it needs both give and take. Special, close friends are hard to come by, so value them and nurture them and take heed of these ten rules of a friendship that should not be broken:

1. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets, but be there when your friend needs you

A true friend should be someone that you can rely on when you need them. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets, each and every day, but when the chips are down and your friend really needs you, then that is the time to show them how good a friend you really are.

2. Keep secrets in confidence, never betray your friend’s trust

Friends must be able to trust each other one hundred percent and know that things that are said in confidence will never go any further. Sometimes friends share secrets that they don’t even share with their partners, so that trust must never be betrayed!

3. Be prepared to listen when your friend needs to get things off their chest

Sometimes people just need to get things off their chest and that is when a true friend comes into their own. Being patient enough to listen is often all someone needs, and for that you go to a friend.

4. Don’t let disagreements get in the way of the friendship, agree to disagree instead 

There will be disagreements between friends, but they never let that get in the way of the friendship. Friends are able to agree to disagree, and move on without allowing a minor tiff to become an all-out and long lasting dispute.

5. Give a much as you take

No single person in a friendship should be the sole provider of help, support and advice. To keep a valued friend, it needs to be a mutual thing where both people gain and nobody loses.

6. Know when to back off, never poke your nose where it is not wanted

However close two friends do become, there are still times when people just have to sort things out for themselves. It’s a fine balance between being there for someone and poking your nose where it is not wanted, and friends know that sometimes, they just need to take a step back and have to wait to be asked.

7. Accept and love your friends for who they are

Don’t try to change a friend and make them be something that they are not. Friends accept each other for who they are and they understand that, just being able to be yourself is one of the fantastic things about a close friendship.

8. Be reliable and be there when you say you will

A true friend will always be there when they say they will, because reliability is a fundamental part of being a friend. Even just turning up on time for a cup of coffee is important and, never completely forgetting to turn up at all, is essential.

9. Motivate, uplift and give encouragement

Another important role that a friend should play is giving the encouragement to help their friends succeed.  A friend is someone who never forgets to text ‘Good Luck’ on the morning of an important interview and they never forget ‘Happy Birthday’ either.

10. Always be honest

Honest opinions are another thing that you can expect from a true friend, even if, at times, they may be painful. A really good friend would never be hurtful, but they are the one who will make you ask questions of yourself, such as: ‘Is that guy really right for you?’

Do you know some other friendship tips and rules for a true friendship?

Stay happy!

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