10 Romantic Ways To Show Love To Your Special Someone

It’s great when we finally find someone we love who actually loves us back. Sometimes, we only find that very special someone after a long time of searching. As a result, we’d do anything to keep hold of them.

Perhaps this is where you’re at now. You’ve found your special someone, and you want to make sure they know how much they mean to you. But how do you go about doing this when it’s all too easy to fall into a humdrum routine of doing the same thing over and over again? The truth is that there are lots of ways you can show your appreciation to the person you love. Here are 10 romantic ways to show love to your special someone.

Cook His Favourite Meal

They say that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and they’re absolutely right.

There is no better way of saying “I Love You Forever” than cooking his favourite meal for him. The best time to do this is after he’s had a long, stressful day at work. Instead of returning home to yet another TV dinner, he’s got a real treat in store!

Food holds a lot of power, and you can make the dinner more romantic with candles and music.

Have A Spontaneous Date

Remember when you guys were first dating? You’d probably head to the zoo, the bowling alley, another city, or maybe even a cooking class together. It was all so adventurous back then. You loved it.

These days, your dates seem to contrast of nothing more than a pre-packaged meal, Netflix and some nuts. Boo!

To get that spark back, why not go on an unplanned date? Wake up on a Sunday morning and decide that, rather than lie in bed until noon, you’re both gonna head outdoors and do something different for once?

Remind Them Of The Little Things You Love About Them

It’s really easy to say “I love you” several times a day, but the more we say it, the more it can lose its meaning.

Rather than saying you love them, consider telling them what you love about them.

And rather than aiming for the bullseye, such as his good looks and awesome personality, remind him that you love the small things about him. They might even seem insignificant to him, but to you they’re everything.

Hang Out As They Run Their Errands

Let’s say your partner has a long day of errands to get through today. Maybe he’s gotta go to the bank, buy some wallpaper, do some decorating, clean out the garage and so on. Naturally, he isn’t looking forward to it. He just wants to get it over with so that he can spend some time with you.

So why not spend some time with him while he’s running his errands? This certainly adds romance to an otherwise boring day. You could even take him out for dinner at a nice restaurant between chores. Lovely!

Introduce Him To Your World

Sometimes, we can be a little bit guarded about our world, even after we’ve been dating a guy for a while. We’ve got things we still haven’t introduced him to. It could be our obscure hobbies, our parents, or even our secret thoughts.

A great way of showing him that you love him is to open up your world to him. Involve him in your hobbies, introduce him to your friends and family, tell him about your dreams and hopes. Make yourself vulnerable for him.

Make Him Breakfast In Bed

Nothing says you love someone quite like breakfast in bed. Sure, it’s an old cliche, but it’s also a tried and tested method that works. It’s what I like to call The Classic.

Before he’s even woken up, you’re going to tiptoe downstairs, switch the oven on and start cooking. You’re gonna put together his favourites – bacon, waffles, pancakes, syrup or whatever else he loves – and you’re going to top it all with a cup of coffee before taking it up on a tray and surprising him with it.

What a way to start the day!

Cancel Your Plans

He wanted to do something with you tomorrow on his day off work, but you can’t because you’ve got other plans. Maybe you’re seeing friends or going out shopping. He’s not happy, but he’s not showing it. He’s just a bit sad and disappointed.

“He’ll get over it,” you could reason. “He can play on his X-box and kill zombies.”

OR – how about this: You cancel your plans and spend time with your intended instead!

Cancelling your plans shows that you love him. It doesn’t show that he’s controlling you or possessing you, it just shows that you love him and realise that he just wants to spend time with you on his day off work.

Listen To Him

This is a really simple but effective one that way too many of us forget to do: Actually listen to what he’s saying to you!

We’re all guilty of switching off when he’s trying to tell us about his day at work. We’re kinda listening but we’re also watching Gossip Girl. He doesn’t mind, of course!

The truth is that he minds a little, and by giving him your undivided attention you’re not giving him a chance to worry that you don’t really love him. Give him your ears, soak him up. Ask him questions. Take an interest.

Switch Off Your Devices

Tonight, you’re going to spend the evening in together and you’re going to leave no room for distractions. You’re going to switch your phone and laptop off because it’s just the two of you.

Surprise Him

Sure, we know that girls love to get surprises, but have you ever stopped to think that guys like surprises, too? Of course they do!

Especially if your man has been feeling a little bit down recently, few things raise his spirits and remind him of your love than a surprise he wasn’t expecting. You could get him something big or small. After all, it’s the thought that matters here.

Stay happy!

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