10 Romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her

Come on guys, let’s think about it…You can do better than a basic bunch of flowers and some candy this year! If you use your imagination, you can find thousands of different ways to show your girl that you love her and here are a few pointers for you, when you’re trying to decide on a romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her:

1. Pink, not red, flowers

If you really can’t get out of the flowers routine, at least, change the colour! We can’t leave flowers off the list, because girls do love them, but, try pink or white for a change and remember that there are other flowers, as well as roses.

2. Have a heart

Jewelry is always a good bet too, but adding some romance by choosing a heart shaped pendant or locket and put a special message or photograph, just for her, will make it extra special.

3. Whisk her away for the weekend

One of the most romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her would be to whisk your girl away for the weekend. Treat her to a luxury couple of days away in a romantic location. Get away of the country and book a hotel with spa facilities for an extra treat.

4. A book of love

Romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her don’t have to be complicated. Make your gift personal with a scrapbook of memories. Photographs and mementos of the places you have been together and even love letters and emails; a history of your love that you can sit and go through together.

5. Reflect on your love

Buy an ornate or even antique hand mirror and wrap it up well in valentines wrapping paper. Just tell her that your gift to her is the most important thing in your life. When she looks in the mirror, she’ll get the idea.

6. Time for love

If you look for romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her that will last, buy a delicate heart shaped watch for your girl. You are telling her that you will always have time for her; every day, when she checks the time, she will be reminded of you.

7. The fragrance of love

Make the effort with perfume and be sure that you buy something that’s not going to end up at the back of the cupboard. If you’re not sure which one to buy, then ask her friends or family or take a peek in her makeup bag. Get it right and it will go down a storm.

8. Make her something yourself

Another one of the romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her would be to make something yourself for your special lady. A gift that you have made yourself will be so much more romantic, than one you have simply bought. If you don’t know how to, then plan ahead a little and attend some pottery or woodwork classes. That much effort will really demonstrate your love.

9. The key to her heart

Buy an ornate, lockable jewelry box and hide it somewhere in the house. Give her the key and then some clues as to where the box is and leave it up to her to find in it. The box isn’t the real present, it’s the note that you put inside that just says: “I love you”.

10. Cuddly Pyjamas

One of the cutest romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her would be to buy a cuddly pyjamas to your girl. Forget the lingerie, guys, that’s really just a present for you, isn’t it? It might not sound that romantic, but a pair of warm pyjamas might be just what she needs for curling up on the sofa with you for a quiet night in.

We hope you could get some inspiration out of our list of romantic Valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

Feel free to share your own creative and romantic ideas on how to surprise your partner this Valentine’s day.

Stay happy!

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