10 Reasons why a rebound relationship is a very bad idea

Breakups are bad news for anyone and, going straight out and dating someone else might seem like the perfect remedy for the breakup blues, but rebound relationships rarely work out. The best thing to do after a break up is to give yourself some time to heal before you start dating again, and then you will be in the right frame of mind to start looking for proper romance again. Most people who enter into a rebound relationship are doing it for entirely the wrong reasons. They might be just trying to make their ex jealous or they might be dating because they are afraid of being single. These are not good reasons to be starting out on a new relationship and here are ten more very good reasons why rebound relationships are not a good idea.

1. You are vulnerable

However strong you might think you are, you will be at a vulnerable point in your life straight after a breakup. You have to keep an eye open for the guys who will prey on that vulnerability and try to take advantage of your fragile state of mind. Some guys seem to make a habit of pouncing on girls who have recently split from their partner, so watch out for the vultures that are lurking out there.

2. It’s unfair to the other person

You really are playing with the other person’s emotions when you date them on the rebound, and they are quite likely to get hurt. Using someone in this way isn’t fair, because you won’t be fully over your ex yet. This other person might have genuine feelings for you, and it will be devastating for them, when they find out they have been used.

3. You could be settling for second best

You probably won’t be too fussy about your choice of partner for a rebound relationship too, and that could get you lumbered with someone you don’t really like. This often happens when people are afraid of being in their own, but it won’t lead to real happiness in the long term.

4. Rebound relationship going to make you feel very confused

Your emotions are going to be all over the place anyway, so when you start dating again too quickly, you are quite likely to be very confused about your real feelings for the other person. You’ve got enough on your plate after a recent breakup, without making things even more confusing by dating again too soon.

5. You need some thinking time

With each relationship that you go through, you learn a little more about yourself. A failed relationship is not usually just one person’s fault, so you will need some time to take stock and think through what has just happened. If you jump straight into another relationship, you won’t have this valuable introspective time, when you could learn lessons that will be helpful for future relationships.

6. There will be no chance of reconciliation with your ex

Reconciliation may not be even a remote possibility, but sometimes, breakups are only temporary. Perhaps things were said and done in the heat of the moment that you are both now regretting and want to put right. If you date another guy straight away, then that will blow any chance of reconciliation with your ex, even if that’s what you really want.

7. The attraction is probably only temporary

The attraction you feel now to your new partner is probably based on your need for some support and sympathy, or your desire to get revenge on your ex. You will most likely find that the attraction wears off after a while, and then you will be facing another breakup, hot the heels of the last one.

8. You are not really yourself after a breakup

Another problem with rebound relationships is that you are not the real you for a few months after a breakup. In your rush to find another partner, you have probably put on a front to impress, and your new partner hasn’t seen the real you. Eventually the act will have to come to an end. You might then find that you are both not as compatible as you first thought you were.

9. You can’t just wipe your ex from your mind

If you think dating on the rebound will wipe your mind clear of all thoughts about your ex, then you will be disappointed. Your ex will still be fresh in your mind, with or without a new partner in tow, and dating won’t make things any easier.

10. You should regain some of your independence again

Jumping straight into another relationship will make you feel needy. You don’t need a partner to be complete and a spell of living the single life for a while will probably do you good. The time just after a breakup would be better used rediscovering the real you and standing on your own two feet for a while. That way you will become stronger and then, you’ll be ready for the new relationship.

What are your thoughts on rebound relationships? Do rebound relationships work?

Stay happy!

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