10 reasons not to settle for a man when you deserve more

If you have been single for a while and the right man just hasn’t come along, you might be tempted to start lowering your standards and become willing to settle for second best. Perhaps, you might even start to think that you don’t need love, you just need a man. If you have started to think that way, then stop right now! Entering into a relationship is a serious business and you really can’t afford to take it too lightly. Here are ten very compelling reasons why you should never settle.

1. You don’t need a man to be a complete person

Grabbing a guy won’t make fulfill your every dream, especially if you have settled on the first available one you could find. Even if it seems like all your friends are in relationships and they are happier for it, don’t let that pressure you into jumping in too quickly. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be complete, so wait until you do find a man who will truly make you happy.

2. You deserve more

Quite simply, you deserve better than to just accept less than you really want. A relationship should make you feel alive and buzzing. You should be saying “wow” to yourself, not just “he’ll do”. By settling for a man that you don’t adore, you are doing yourself a disservice and you are letting yourself down.

3. Life is too short

You should be trying to make the most of every single day you have on this earth, not accepting a mediocre life. If you do settle, there is every possibility that things won’t work out in the long run and that will just mean that all that time you spent with a man you didn’t really love was wasted. Life is way too short to be throwing away precious time like that.

4. You might miss out on Mr Right

While you are busy putting up with second best, your perfect guy might come along and you would miss that opportunity of happiness. You may well be frustrated that you haven’t yet found your Mr Right, but settling for someone else will just get in the way of you meeting that great guy you have been waiting for.

5. You won’t feel fulfilled

The reason why you are probably thinking about settling is that you don’t feel fulfilled without a man in your life. Trust us, you will still feel unfulfilled with the wrong man in your life! You might even be thinking that, in time, you could learn to love a guy, but that could take years if it ever happened at all.

6. Settling is driven by fear

Let’s be honest, if you are thinking about settling then it is probably fear that is driving towards that. Fear of being alone and fear of being “left on the shelf” are all unfounded fears that will only get in the way of your happiness. Don’t let irrational fears like this force you into something that you know you don’t really want.

7. Love is about more than the practicalities

Two sharing an apartment may well be cheaper than one living on their own and having someone around to take out the garbage can be pretty handy too, but things like that should be the nice extra benefits of a relationship, not the main reason to enter into one. This is one of the occasions when you should be letting your heart rule your head, and not thinking just about the practical side of things.

8. You will be left wondering “what if?”

It would be horrible to have to spend the rest of your life wondering about what might have been had you not settled for second best, but that is very likely to be what will happen. Jumping into a relationship because it’s convenient for you right now, could leave you with some lifelong questions that you never find an answer to.

9. There is nothing wrong with being single

Most people in the course of their lives go through periods of being in a relationship and periods when they are not and there is nothing wrong with either of those statuses. There are actually some big advantages to being single. You have more freedom, you can spend your money on whatever you like, and you can spend more time with your friends, so make the most of your single life while you can.

10. Settling could set a precedence

Setting for a partner who doesn’t really tick all your boxes could set you on a path of settling for all kinds of less than prefect things. It could make you less optimistic about the future, and it could affect your drive and ambition. You shouldn’t settle for anything, so don’t set the precedent by settling for anything less than what you really deserve.

Stay happy!

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