10 Questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship

If you are getting serious with your boyfriend, then there are things that you need to find about him and fast. It’s not just a case of making sure that he is serious about you too, it’s also being sure that your plans for the future are the same and there are no major deal breakers you need to know about, before things go too far. It’s hard to find these things out though, without being blunt and to the point, but here are ten questions that you really should have the answers to about your boyfriend and your relationship:

1. How close is he to his family?

You can test the waters on this one without coming right out with the question. A man who loves, respects and cherishes his family is more likely to respect and cherish you. Ask him about his parents and siblings, and you will soon get an idea of whether or not he is the family type of guy.

2. Does he want to get married?

Another one of important questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is to whether he ever wants to get married. Now this is a tricky one to ask, without it sounding like a proposal, but if your plans include a white dress and ceremony, you’d better find out that married bliss is on his agenda too. For some people, marriage is important, but for others it is not; be sure that you are on the same wavelength here, so that there are no surprises later.

3. Does he want to have kids?

Don’t leave this one too late to ask either. Maybe not a first date question, but if it’s important to you and the relationship is going strong, then it’s a question that you need answering. It would be a terrible decision for you to have to make later, to choose between having children and keeping a boyfriend.

4. Where does he see the relationship going?

Is this true love for you, but just a fun fling for him? Again, it’s a bit of a heavy question for the early stages of a relationship, but as things move on, it’s something that you will need to know and not an unreasonable question to ask in a longer term relationship.

5. Where does he want to live?

Next one of important questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is about where he wants to live. This one sounds almost too obvious a question, but is it? If you both have your own homes and you’re thinking about living together, you might be both assuming that you will be keeping your own homes. Giving up the independence of your own home is a big step and one to be considered carefully.

6. What are his career plans?

Career plans is another one of good questions to ask your boyfriend. Finding out what his future career plans are is not just a question about finances, though that is a consideration. It could be that his career will lead to move away from the area or even out of the country, and you need to know, whether that fits in with your own plans.

7. What countries in the world would he like to visit?

You can tell a lot about a man by asking about his ambitions for travel. If he wants to travel to far flung places, then he might have an ambition; if he’s comfortable staying at home, then, perhaps, he is more of a family man. However, if he wants to travel the world with you, then, perhaps, he is just right.

8. Has he ever cheated?

Another one of good questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship is whether he has ever cheated before. A man who has cheated before is a man than can cheat again. If he has never cheated before, then he is a man that could well be a keeper. But cheating gets easier, the more that a person does it, so you have to ask the question would he ever do it?

9. What would he do if he won the lottery?

This is a good test for him. What would he do, if he had more money than he ever dreamed of? Travel the world, buy a fast car or would he buy the things that you both want. It’s not the flippant ‘buy you anything you want’ answer that counts, that’s too easy. What shows that he’s a real keeper is the buy us a home, or take us on a dream holiday…that shows a real commitment to the relationship.

10. What does love mean to him?

So what does love actually mean? That’s a good question for anyone. Love can mean many different things to many different people. You can love a puppy dog and you can even love a pizza! But, if love means everything, then love is forever and unconditional. If you know he will love you, whatever happens, he is a keeper.

There are many other questions to ask your boyfriend about your relationship. Do you have some other thoughts to add to our list?

Stay happy!

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