10 Qualities Every Woman Looks For In A Husband

Guys, do you know what women are looking for in a husband? If you don’t, it might be the reason why you’re still looking for that special someone.

It’s true that you – like many other males – may think you’re a bit special. You might think you have a lot to offer a woman, such as rugged good looks and a winning sense of humour.

But, despite these obvious qualities, you might also be wondering why you’ve still not been able to meet a woman you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with.

It could be that you already have the qualities women look for in a husband but just need to emphasise them more, and bring them out into the open. Or, it could be that until now you just weren’t sure what a woman is looking for.

Let’s take a look at 10 things that women look for in a husband.

Sense of Humour 

You probably already knew this one. Women don’t want to marry the sullen type who not only doesn’t tell them any jokes, but who also takes things way too seriously.

Banter and light relief is essential if you’re to spend the rest of your lives together. There will be downs, so let your humour bring back the ups.

Being Responsible With Finances

A man’s financial potential is not necessarily the be-all and end-all, and according to sociologists women look for this after more intangible things, such as love and kindness. But a lot of women certainly prefer it if a man is on a sound financial footing, and has a secure job.

Women like to feel safe and secure when married. While some guys have a very happy-go-lucky nature and don’t sweat it too much when it comes to finances, women need financial security. As such, they look for men who can provide them with that. The last thing they want to worry about is going hungry, not being able to afford the bills, or the threat of eviction.


This one might go without saying, but it’s remarkable how many men insist that they’re “not romantic.”

I’m sorry to break it to you, guys, but if you want to meet the woman of your dreams, you’re probably going to have to learn how to romance her.

Romance isn’t dead. We want it just as much as we always have done. We want you to break the routine and surprise us with a romantic gesture here and there. We love it.


Health has pretty much always mattered, but it maters now more than ever. With more and more women hitting the gym, they want their man to be equally as healthy, both in terms of diet, overall fitness and habits.

Diet and habits are key. Women respect and warm to men who maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and who don’t smoke or drink (too much anyway). Why? Because it suggests longevity and vitality.

Why would any woman want to marry a guy who might succumb to illness soon because they’ve smoked too much or eaten all the wrong things? They want you to be around for a long time!

Willingness To Change

Stubbornness and resistance to change is a major turn-off. If a man refuse to change anything about his personality, behaviour or habits, a woman is hardly going to want to marry him.

Sometimes, it’s others that know what’s better for you than you know yourself. And they also know what’s better for a relationship. If there are times in the past when you’ve refused to change something for a woman, you might want to assess why you didn’t change, and how that affected your relationship.


Remember when you were in your early twenties and spent your days killing zombies on video games, while fending off your mom who kept telling you to look for a job? You can’t really do that anymore if you want to find an awesome wife. She wants you to have a bit of get-go about you. She wants you to have some ambition and industry.

One of the reasons for this is that more women are forging successful careers for themselves than before. They’re showing ambition, and they want their husbands to show the same amount – if not more.

Even stay-at-home wives who look after the house and kids want their men to be ambitious. They want to be proud of you as you rise to the top.


Nobody likes to be kept in the dark about things, but women especially don’t want to be kept in their dark by a prospective husband.

Don’t be a closed book. Be open. Share your worries, thoughts and dreams with your partner. She’ll appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.

Any decision you make, always include her in it.


Not everyone is inherently likeable. But it would certainly help you to be likeable if you’re looking for a wife, as this is something that women love.

Like-ability can convince people to do lots of things for us. It can help us to close a sale, get someone on board with a project – and it can even make people fall in love with us.

If you’re likeable, you’re halfway to finding a wife already.

So, basically – stop getting angry and moody!


Are you the lazy, unmotivated type who can’t get out of bed before noon? You might have made a great boyfriend when you were 16, but such a way of life won’t help you now as you look for a wife.

Women look for guys who are motivated and driven to succeed. They want you to have passion, goals and dreams.


Sociability isn’t a deal-breaker, as some women prefer to stay at home than go out with friends. But for women who are social themselves, their husband needs to be equally social.

You see it all the time – couples go out together, and are often seen at parties and gatherings. They have wide circles of mutual friends, and do most of their socialising together.

It’s important that you’re okay with socialising, and not the type who wants to stay in tonight (again).

Stay happy!

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