10 Possible reasons why some people frequently go through a breakup

There are some people who frequently seem to have found ‘the one’, only to be sorely disappointed, time and time again. Are they setting their expectations too high? Or, are they making some fundamental mistakes? Here, we explore some of the reasons that might explain why some people seem to go through breakups, more than others:

1. They expect too much, too soon

As the song said, you can’t hurry love, but some people are thinking wedding bells, before the first date has even ended. Most of us like to take a little more time over these things and, if you try to rush things along, you will only appear desperate and it’s going to frighten people away.

2. They mistake infatuation for love

The initial rush of affection that you feel for someone is a wonderful feeling, but don’t mistake it for everlasting love. Some people think that, for everyone they date, it is true love, but that takes a little longer to happen, whatever the movies might have you believe.

3. They date only because they fear being single

Some people are petrified of being on their own or of leaving it too late. So, they rush into relationships, simply to avoid being single. Love is much more than an arrangement of convenience and a solid relationship cannot be built on the basis that any relationship is better than no relationship at all.

4. They never express their feelings

There are also the people who feel uncomfortable expressing their feelings. It is important to tell the person who you love that you do love them and not just assume that they know. People who don’t show their love can appear to not care at all, and that is a sure way to drive someone away.

5. They attempt to change their partner

If you go onto a relationship thinking that you can change a person, then you are bound to be disappointed. Most people hate being told what to do and they dislike even more, being told how to behave. You can’t mould a person into being the perfect partner; you should love them for who they are.

6. They become too clingy

Another reason that some people find it difficult to stay in a long term relationship is that they become too clingy. For most people, whilst it’s great to be in a relationship, they still want to be able to go out with friends and be on their own sometimes.  If they don’t get a little freedom, then they will begin to feel stifled.

7. They are the jealous type

Jealousy is a very unpleasant business and it can tear a relationship apart. There has to be trust, as well as love, in a relationship and no one likes to be quizzed about where they have been and who they have been with.

8. They don’t take the relationship seriously enough

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who never take a relationship seriously. They continue to flirt with other people or perhaps they continue to talk to ex-partners. This could be all perfectly innocent, but you still need to take your partner’s feelings into account.

9. They have a controlling nature

‘My way is the only way’ – is no way to keep a partner for long. There has to be ‘give and take’ in a relationship and that means even doing some things that you don’t like. If you refuse to budge, even an inch, on anything, then you will certainly alienate a partner.

10. They just seem to keep picking the wrong type of partner

Some people are attracted to what others may think of as the ‘wrong type of person’. Perhaps it’s the thrill and danger of dating a person of this type that attracts them, but that’s not a recipe for a long term relationship.

Stay happy!

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