10 Possible reasons why do men disappear

We know how it is. You’d been talking to him for a few weeks, and he suddenly went quiet. It was upsetting and you’d just like to know why. In this article, Beauty and Tips provides some possible answers.

For the first few weeks, things were going great. You guys were texting loads – perhaps even every day – and then all of a sudden, right out of the blue, he just went dark. He stopped replying altogether. Annoying! It happens. It’s frustrating, but it happens. You really felt like you were getting to know this guy, there was a connection and then, bam! He’s gone. Sure, you could kid yourself that he’s busy with work, or that real life got in the way. Or that, you know, he just forgot to text you these last 5 days. Usually, though, the reason is very different.

Let’s take a look at 10 possible reasons why do men disappear.

You Were To Easy To Catch

Like it or not, men love a good chase. They see themselves as cheetahs on the plains, hunting prey. You’re the catch, and they love the competition that comes from chasing you. Some men genuinely thrive off this. It gets them pumped! So if you were too easy, and always available, and always instantly responded, it could be that he just got bored.

Just like guys prefer to fish for large, rare fish that are difficult to catch, they prefer to chase girls who don’t make it easy for them. As such, we recommend that you cool it on your side and make him work harder.

You Made Him Avoid You

This is another possible reason of why do men disappear. Guys are just like girls in that they don’t like to be pestered. Once you’re officially an item, it’s totally cool to send follow-up texts. Until then, you just don’t do it. It’s a golden rule. And if you do send follow-up texts on the regular basis, wondering where he is and if you’ve annoyed him, he’s going to find reasons to avoid you for real.

He Knows You’ve Been Texting Other Guys

Next possible reason of why do men disappear is that the guy might find out that he is not the only one. If you told him that you talk to other guys, you might not have thought that he’d take it so badly. Some guys like a chase, and they consider other guys as competition. But not all guys are like this. Some just want you all to themselves. And if it turns out that he’s not the only one fighting for your affection, it might be so big a turn-off that he gives up.

Did you tell him there were other guys? If so, reassure him that he’s the one you want.

You Kept Bothering Him When He Was Busy

You didn’t realise it, but you kept bothering him when he was busy. He told you he was busy, but still you texted and wanted to hear from him. And so he got annoyed and stopped replying.

You have to respect boundaries during the early stages of getting to know someone. Understand that he needs space. Understand that he gets busy. If he tells you he can’t text much tonight for whatever reason, don’t say things like “please just answer this one question though.”

He Didn’t Want To Hurt Your Feelings

This is another one of possible reasons of why do men disappear. He realised this was going nowhere and wanted out. But he didn’t want to hurt your feelings, so he decided that the best option would be to just quietly disappear.

He’s Taken Things Onto Another Level With Another Girl

Believe it or not, there’s a good chance you weren’t the only one he was texting. It’s very possible that he was texting another girl, too. Hey, he was just keeping his options open as we all do. Eventually, he would have to make his choice. And maybe he chose the other girl. Don’t take this the wrong way. Maybe they were just more right for each other. You’ll find your man. But if this is the reason he went quiet, there honestly isn’t anything you can do about it except move on.

You Were Getting Jealous

Kept asking who the other girls in his life were? Kept hinting that it’s “funny” that his best friend is female?

Jealousy can destroy any relationship, and it can especially take the fun out of getting to know someone. If you’ve come across as jealous to the point where he doesn’t feel like he can talk to you about his female friends anymore, it’s going to put him off texting you.

He’s A Commitment Phobe

Next simple, possible reason of why do men disappear is that he might be a commitment phobe.

Maybe you were struck by how strong he came on at first. Maybe he moved with lightning speed to tell you he liked you, and wanted to get to know you. Maybe he literally couldn’t stop texting you, replying to yours in less than a minute and seemingly always being on his phone. And then just like that, he stopped texting. This is actually the classic sign of a commitment phobe. He thought you’d be the One. But as he got closer to you and more involved, he realised that he just can’t commit to a relationship. As soon as things were looking like they could get serious, he got the heck on out of there.

He Lost Interest

Hey, it happens. Sad, we know. But just like you’ve probably lost interest in guys in the past, he’s now lost interest in you, and this is one of very common reasons of why do men disappear. Maybe he was never that into you in the first place. Go through your texts and see if it was always you that was more into him than it was him into you. Perhaps this was inevitable. Perhaps he eventually realise this was doing nothing for him and moved on. If so, this is exactly what you need to do, too.

You Were Too Negative

Take a look at your texts. Were you always positive and upbeat? Or were you a killjoy who was always complaining about your life?

During the getting to know each other stage, guys don’t want to text a negative ninny. They want to chat to someone fun who wants to banter with them.

If you were overly negative, learn your lesson and wear your best smile next time!

Do you know other reasons why do men disappear?

Stay happy!

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