10 Non-Negotiable Qualities Every Woman Should Look For In Her Partner

If you don’t have a list of non-negotiable qualities that you look for in a man, you could end up in the wrong relationship.

What is a non-negotiable quality? A non-negotiable quality is a quality a man possesses that makes him an awesome partner, and which you simply won’t negotiate on. If he doesn’t have them, he isn’t worth your time. It makes the dating process a lot more efficient, and makes sure you don’t waste your time.

It might be his kindness, his sense of humour or the way he always supports you.

These are qualities that make him so special, and ensure the relationship has a strong chance of going the distance.

On the flip side, there are also nonnegotiable qualities he has that you need to avoid. For example, some women won’t date a guy if he smokes, while others won’t date a guy if he’s anti-religious. These non-negotiable qualities mean the relationship is a non-starter from the beginning.

But which 10 non-negotiable qualities should you look for in a partner? Let’s take a look!


Sorry guys, but if you have no confidence in yourself, you’ll struggle to find a woman who wants a partner she can set up her life with.

Confidence is a big deal. It’s huge. Women warm to guys who are confident because we can see that they’ve got their own life in order and don’t need us to look after them like their moms. They’re in control, they’re ready to lead us. And we love that.


Guys must respect themselves, but they must most definitely respect you, too.

Respect is so important in a relationship. If a guy doesn’t respect you, he basically isn’t acknowledging what it is that makes you you. He doesn’t see you on his level. He doesn’t respect you enough to respect your opinions, your decisions, and as such is constantly undermining you.

In a relationship, both spouses are on a level playing field. You have the right to be respected. He might not agree with everything you say or do, but he should respect your right to say and do it.

They Give You Space

Space is important in a relationship. When we spend all our time cooped up with each other, it can be a little difficult to breathe.

Guys who are keepers are those guys who understand a woman’s need for space in a relationship. He doesn’t suffocate you by wanting to do everything with you (which might seem cute at first) but realises the value in you each having your own space.

He wants his own space, too. He isn’t co-dependent on you, but has his own friends, his own life separate from this relationship. This is healthy, and it shows that he isn’t going to have a problem if you want to do things with your friends and not with him.


Does he offer rock-solid stability? Or is he just about to move into his fourth flat this year?

Maybe he’s just been laid off at work again, too.

If so, not cool.


In other words, he doesn’t speak ill of people who aren’t in his presence. He doesn’t gossip about ex-girlfriends or speak bad about his friends when they’re not around. He has backbone and won’t compromise his values despite peer pressure.

A great boyfriend who suits for marriage-material is one who has the utmost integrity. You can tell that he wouldn’t double-cross people, and he isn’t interested in spreading malicious rumours and lies. He tells the truth, keeps his word, and does everything in accordance with his values.

You get the impression that if you guys ever did break-up, he certainly wouldn’t spread lies about you. He would keep everything private between the two of you – just like a real man should.

The Ability To Compromise

Some guys might argue that their ability to stay true to their principals makes them men of honour.

“I may not always make the right call, but at least I can say that I stay true to my principles.”

But there is a MASSIVE difference between sticking to your principles when it comes to, say, politics, and when it comes to domestic situations, such as “Where shall we go for date night?”

Without compromise, a relationship just isn’t going to last long. Stubborn men who won’t compromise on anything are going to kill things dead.

Before you start dating a guy, make sure he’s open to compromise. Otherwise you’ll find that come date night, it’s always going to be his way or the highway.


There’s nothing worse than a guy who lends you some cash and then makes a note of it.

“So, that’s $40 you owe me.”

WHAT? Can’t you just do us a nice favour? Why do you have to make notes of it?!

Generosity, then, should be a quality you look for in a guy. Men who are generous with their money, tend also to be generous with their time and the hearts. They’ll give you money, they’ll give you their time, and they’ll give you their heart and all.


Sure, the guy might be REALLY hot. But unless his intelligence can match yours, this relationship isn’t going to last beyond two weeks.

At first, attraction can keep things going for a week or two. It’s intense. Eventually, though, things simmer down and you realise that you need something more from the relationship.

You need stimulating conversation. You need debate. You need meaningful discussions. You need to be challenged on points and called out.


This one should be obvious. If it’s clear as crystal that he’s not a commitment phobe, it’s best if you get out quickly. He’s only going to break your heart.


If he can never see things from your point of view, he’s not worth dating.

In a relationship, you need your partner to understand your motivations. You need them to be patient with you, and to understand where you’re coming from. If not, there will be fights, there will be communication breakdowns, and it won’t be pretty.

Stay happy!

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