10 Must-read love and life advice that every girl needs to know about

Is it possible to distil all the love and life tips that you would give someone, into a single list of just ten? Well, given that we all learn something new every day, probably not, and everyone’s top ten would probably be slightly different anyway. But here we have tried to make a list of our top ten. Let us know what would be on your list, in the comment section.

1. Live your life for you and don’t forget to enjoy it!

Too many people spend their lives trying to please other people so much that they forget all about their own needs. This is not about being selfish, but when faced with the many choices that you are given in life, chose the things that will make you happy, not the ones that other people want you to do.

2. Treat others as you would want them to treat you, and you will be happier 

This simple piece of advice is the best, coverall, that there is. You wouldn’t want to be cheated on, you wouldn’t want to be discriminated against, you wouldn’t want your possessions stolen, and the list goes on…Follow this rule and not only will other people be happier, so will you.

3. Love and allow yourself to be loved

As Leonardo da Vinci once said: ‘Life without love is no life at all’. Don’t be afraid to be loved and to love someone back because, to use another well-known quote, this time from Alfred Lord Tennyson, ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’

4. Don’t be afraid to take chances and to follow your heart

Life is what you make it, so never be afraid to follow your heart and take a few chances. Sometimes opportunities, in love and in life, only come along once, so don’t miss out, because of a fear of the unknown.

5. Be true to yourself and treasure your uniqueness 

Never try to be a person that you are not. You are unique and you are special, so be proud of that, because pretending all your life will not make you happy.

6. Follow your dreams…’Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’

A dream is only just a dream, if you don’t follow it. There can be noting worse in life than finding yourself in your old age wishing that you had tried harder to achieve what you set out to do. It would be much better to be able to say: ‘Well at least I tried.’

7. When you find love, cherish it and work hard to keep it

Love isn’t all you need to keep a good relationship; it takes effort and a lot of compromising sometimes too. When you do find someone special, cherish and nurture that love, because it’s well worth all the effort.

8. Don’t be a quitter, because quitter never wins and winner never quits

If you get knocked down, then pick yourself up and try again. Disappointments and failures make us stronger, so learn from them, and never give up hope. People who succeed in life do so because they are determined, and they don’t throw in the towel easily.

9. Find a balance in every aspect of your life

There has to be a balance between everything; between work and play, between a relationship and individuality and even in your diet. Too much of anything is not good for you, so always seek a balance in all that you do.

10. Learn to communicate 

In love and in life in general, you need to be able to talk and you need to be able to listen. Good communication is essential in any kind of relationship, so never be afraid to express your opinions and feelings, be that to a loved one, a friend, a colleague or even your boss. Equally, though, be prepared to listen and take advice, because that is how we learn.

What is your best love and life advice?

Stay happy!

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