10 Must-know reasons for having regular date nights

When you’ve been with the same person for a while, it’s easy to fall out of the dating habit, but you can’t be in a relationship, do nothing and just expect it to work out right. To keep a relationship fresh and interesting you have to put in some effort and having a regular date nights is a simple way to do that. Dates don’t have to be extravagant affairs and cost a packet, after all, what does it cost to take a walk in the park together? If you and your partner haven’t been out together for a while, here are ten must-know reasons why having regular date nights is so important.

1. It gives you a chance to spoil yourself

A regular date night means that you have a reason to do something together, just for the sake of enjoying yourselves. You can both get dressed up in your finest, and spend some time doing something that you like. If you don’t have a date in the diary to get out and have some fun, then you can find that all you are doing is working and the chores.

2. It gives you some kids-free space

Children are great to be around, but you need a break sometimes, even from your own kids. Having a regular date night gives the chance to be grownups again and enjoy some adult conversation.

3. You won’t keep putting it off

Knowing that every Friday, or even every first Friday of the month, is always date night means that you can plan ahead to make sure that your special night is kept free. Make it a firm date, in both of your diaries, and don’t let anything stop you from getting that time together.

4. It will make you try new things

You may enjoy going to the same place for every date, but the chances are that you will probably want to try new places once in a while too. This will give you the opportunity to try out new restaurants and new places to stay and you might even discover a new hobby or passion that you can share with your partner.

5. It is good for the kids too

It’s good for children to see that their parents enjoy a healthy relationship and still do things together. They might also enjoy some parent free time themselves. If the children are of an age to need a babysitter, then that too can be beneficial, because they learn how to behave when you are not around and it gets them used to being with other people.

6. It relieves stress

Everyone needs a bit of time away from the mundane, day to day problems. A regular date night gives you both the chance to unwind and get away from it all for a while and just that short break can be a great way to relieve stress.

7. It can bring back the park in your relationship

Date nights can also bring back that falling in love feeling, all over again. It gives you the time to focus on one another and enjoy each other’s company and it can serve as a regular reminder of exactly why you fell in love in the first place.

8. You get a chance to really talk

When did you last get the chance to sit down talk properly? You probably do say ‘Hi, how did your day go?’ but then the kids want something, the phone rings, or the dinner starts to burn. Getting out of the home on a date regularly will mean that you have some time set side to really talk and to make plans. Never forget that communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship, but that can be hard at home with all the distractions that are around you.

9. You get to reminisce

Taking a trip down memory lane can be really therapeutic and it brings you closer together. A meal in a restaurant may remind you of your first date together, or a weekend away could bring back memories of your honeymoon. With all the stresses of modern life, it is good to occasionally remember the times when you were, perhaps, a little less carefree.

10. Dating is fun

The main reason, above all else, that you should have regular date nights is that it is fun. So, go on, write down those dates on your diaries and stick to it! You have enough days doing what you have to do, so get out and do something that you want to do for a change.

Do you know other reasons why having regular date nights is important?

Stay happy!

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