10 Main Reasons Why Relationships End

It’s always sad when relationships fail. But knowing why a relationship comes to an end can help you to avoid the same thing happening to yours.

If you ask young women what their biggest dream in life is, many will probably tell you that they want to meet the love of their life and settle down with him. They want to set up home with him and maybe start a family. And they want this happy life to last forever. Yet, despite all our hopes, not all relationships succeed. Even the ones that looked certain to keep going forever sometimes end. Naturally, not every relationship is the same. As Tolstoy famously wrote in his major novel Anna Karenina, “happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Essentially, there is not one universal thing that can cause the downfall of a once happy relationship. There can be many causes. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why relationships end.

Lack of Trust

No matter how old we get, some of us just find it hard to trust others. We may not even have been betrayed in the past. For some reason, we’re just naturally distrustful. Failing to trust your partner can stem from a lack of self-esteem. So convinced are you that you’re not good enough for your man that you simply cannot believe he’s being faithful. More trust and less suspicion is needed if a relationship is to survive. I know it sounds impossibly simple, but it really is true – you just need to learn how to trust your man. If you don’t, it can make you act possessive, which can seriously rupture a relationship.


This is another one of main reasons why relationships end. Sounds obvious? Cheating has a devastating effect on a relationship. It doesn’t always end in a breakup, but whenever it happens, it causes untold pain and heartache and it always, always causes some sort of rupture that is difficult to heal.

Different Expectations

Is it easy for a couple to stay on the same path for years and years? Absolutely not. At the beginning of your relationship, the two of you may have had the same ideals, ambitions and expectations. Perhaps you both wanted the exact same things out of life. But as the years passed, there is no telling which direction one of you might turn. Our expectations can change. If yours change drastically in one direction, while your partner is still on the same path, it can damage the relationship.

Falling Out Of Love

As sad as it is, sometimes couples just fall out of love, especially if their love wasn’t the deep and true type of love since the beginning. Often people place too much importance on excitement and butterflies, confusing this for true love. The real love is deeper than just physical attraction or matching sense of humour, it is something that can only grow, it can never die or fade; but many people just never find it and settle for less…

Different Levels Of Commitment

This is another one of popular reasons why relationships end. You both may have saw this relationship as just a bit of fun when you first got together. But what do you do when you want to take things to the next, more serious level while he’s starting to feel trapped? Or vice versa? Handling a situation like this requires finesse and communication. But as soon as one of you is more committed to the long-term success of your relationship than the other, it’s not long before it becomes clear that staying together is probably unlikely. For a relationship to succeed, you both need the same levels of commitment and communication.

Inability To Get Along With Parents/Friends

If you’re a very family oriented person and love your friends, it’s hard to take when your partner just can’t get along with them. We might really like him or even love him, but if he can’t get along with our friends and family, it can be a deal breaker. They’re too important for us to marry someone who can never see them.

Different Priorities

Your partner is number one. If they need to see you right now, you’re ready to drop everything to meet them. You schedule your days around them and put their needs first. Everyone and everything else comes second, including work. If, conversely, you’re clearly not number one in your partners world, it’s going to create tension. There is a sense of unfairness here; you’re always putting them first, but they always to have to find time for you rather than make time for you. You’re squeezing other things into your life, while they’re always squeezing YOU in. And sometimes you don’t fit. If your relationship isn’t their number one priority, you may end up giving the whole thing second thoughts.

Bad Habits

You’ve asked him to give up smoking since you first got together but he still hasn’t done it. He’s asked you to stop lying but you can’t help yourself. We’re usually willing to overlook bad habits at first. After a while, however, they begin to put too much of a strain on the relationship.

Moving Through Life At Separate Speeds

This is another common reasons why relationships end. You want it all now – a home, kids and steady careers. They, however, seem prepared to wait forever. Even discussing your future has to wait until they’ve completed Level 390 of their zombie video game. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you just want to chill and take it easy for a bit, while they want you to marry him and explore the possibility of starting a family. Such different speeds of moving forward puts a lot of pressure on the one who wants to take things slowly. And when that pressure reaches breaking point, the end is rarely pretty.

Bad Communication

As we’ve said many times on Beauty and Tips, good communication is the key to a long lasting relationship. If you don’t know to have proper conversations with your partner and don’t listen to them properly, it’s going to cause issues.

Do you have other thoughts on why relationships end?

Stay happy!


  1. Rena
    January 6, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Unfortunately, you are right with everything. We shouldn’t make the mistake not to recognise when a relationship ends …
    With love, Rena

  2. Elle
    January 4, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    What a wonderful post about relationships and how they succeed or not. Trust, commitment, and the fortitude to see the relationship through over the years certainly matters. I wish you a wonderful 2018.

  3. Short Girl Long Jacket
    January 3, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    After being in a long-term relationship, I’ve learned that communication is the most important thing. A lot of the above problems can be avoided if partners just talk to each other to know if they’re always on the same page. Even cheating – maybe your partner would be open to a non-monogamous relationship but you wouldn’t know unless you communicate. Good post!


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