10 Magic ingredients for a successful and fulfilling relationship 

If you look at what makes a successful relationship, it is a little bit like a recipe. You need some love in the mix, you need some respect and, sometimes, you need more than just a teaspoon of patience. The recipe for healthy relationship has many ingredients and, just like a cake, different quantities of the ingredients work for different people. To make a relationship that is truly fulfilling and one that could be called a success, you need the magic ingredients that make the icing on the cake. Here’s our recipe for the perfect and happy relationship.

1. The extra special ingredients

If you mix flour, eggs, sugar and butter in the right proportions you will get a passable sponge cake. But, if you add just two teaspoons of ground cinnamon to the mix you get something really special. Relationships are just the same; it’s the extra little things that you do for one another that make all the difference. Things like unexpected gifts, breakfasts in bed, or running the bath for your partner. They are all things that take no time at all, but really do mean a lot.

2. The ingredients that complement one another

Some flavours just work together, like banana and toffee, while others work when they seem like they shouldn’t, like chocolate and chilli. People are like that too, the important thing in a relationship is that two people learn to work together as a team and they work hard to make the relationship a good one.

3. It needs to be made with care

Relationships need to be handled with care, just like a cake. You can’t just throw it together and hope for the best, you need to nurture it and take care of it, if you want it to grow into something really special. People who have fulfilling and successful relationships take their relationship seriously and they make the relationship a priority.

4. The best cakes have two halves

Ok, so we are pushing the cake analogy a bit now, but we started on this track, so we are going to finish it! The best kinds of cakes are sandwich cakes with a delicious filling in the middle. They come together as one, but they are still two distinct halves. In a relationship, it is important that both people can still have their own lives, their own interests and their own friends, as well as they those they have with their partner. They are two separate people working together, not two people trying to become one.

5. You mustn’t let it go stale

If you leave a cake at the back of the cupboard and forget about it, by the time you do remember about it, it will be too late, it will have gone stale. You can’t take a relationship, or your partner, for granted either,  you need to work at keeping the relationship fresh and alive by going out on dates regularly and trying out new things.

6. The sweeter the better

The best cakes are the real sweet ones that we know shouldn’t eat, but then it’s that sweetness that makes such a treat. Don’t be afraid to keep that sweetness in a relationship too, because holding hands, cuddles and sweet kisses all help to keep a relationship special.

7. Add a dash of spice too!

You already know where we are going with this one don’t you! Most couples in long lasting, fulfilling relationship keep life in the bedroom interesting as well. Physical intimacy is an important element in most people’s relationships, so don’t forget that variety is the spice of life here too.

8. Plain vanilla is not so bad

You can’t have exotic and overly sweet cake every day of the week, so you have to learn to love plain vanilla just as much as you do double chocolate. A relationship can’t be violins playing in the background and fireworks exploding in the sky all the time either, so you have to learn to love the ordinary in a relationship too. Being able to do the chores together or just sit quietly and watching TV is all a part of the mix that makes a successful and fulfilling relationship.

9. Don’t let mishaps put you off trying again

Even the best bakers have their mishaps in the kitchen and they lose their temper and get disheartened, but that doesn’t mean that recipe is no good. There will be bad patches in a relationship too, when nothing seems to go right or you seem to be constantly bickering. That’s the time when you should come together and look at what perhaps you might be doing wrong. If you fix the way you are making the cake, you will probably find that ten ingredients work fine together after all.

10. Add sprinkles and candles

Finally, you can make even the most boring plain singe cake bright and cheerful with icing, a few sprinkles and some candles. In other words, don’t let the fun go out of a relationship. Couples in good relationships talk, play and laugh lots together.  If you can do that, you can make any a brighter day, just by going home and being together.

Stay happy!

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